Battle for water won by entrepeneur of first Palestinian planned city
Smadar Peri
Published: 04.03.15, 23:24
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1. Rawabi
max ,   Washington DC   (03.05.15)
Hopefully the new city of Rawabi would be open to all and not discriminate against any person wishing to live there because of race, gender, or natio0nal origin.
2. Rawabi...and FACE BOOK settler Robert Rosen..
Hamad ,   Lancaster PA - USA   (03.05.15)
Hey Robert...It is clear you live in one of those Settlements..That Peace Loving Israelis do not identify with...or will get close to.. This guy Mr. Masri, seems like a nice human being with real good intentions for all...and HE LOOKS GREAT..and HAPPY... On the other hand, you seem like a PIRATE hiding behind a BARBED wire FENCE living on a LAND that you illegally SQUATTERED on. It is ONLY a matter of time you will be issued ORDERS to LEAVE...and go back to where you ran away form..Probably..Philly or Brooklyn.. You will be Chased by BOTH Peace Loving Israelis and Palestinians.. and you will probably have to ay for your way back... YOUR LIKES are LIVING on BORROWED TIME....Enjoy while you can..It is a BAD DREAM..That will soon turn into a NIGHTMARE... As to you ..YOU seem to be hiding behind a BARBED wire wall on a LAND that is NOT yours and will never have a GOOD quality of life.. and GOD help us..If the TIDE Turns.. That settlement you live in..Will be NOTHING but a Prison for the OUTLAWS like you..if you stay..
3. a glimmer of hope in the midst of hardship. good luck.
J   (03.05.15)
4. Al Masri - A DOER
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.05.15)
A man with vision Yet perversely he would not have been able to kick start Rawabi with Water Supply without consent from the PA Authorities So maybe just may be we can at last put the nightmare of the last 12 months behind us and take off from where we left off toward meeting and resolving our 2 Challenges Economic Development and Statehood But never again should be tie ourselves in knots. The two issues must never be so intertwined but separate and distinct issues to be dealt with SEPARATELY at their own pace But more than that too we must ensure that NEVER again do we succumb to outside interference and outside interests and agendas to affect our negotiations for OUR OWN National Interest
5. Excuse me, but ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.05.15)
... al Masri? That makes him Egyptian, doesn't it? No matter. Israel will annex Judea and Samaria and the Egyptian's grand dream will provide many nice homes for Israelis and for Jews in the Diaspora who are finally beginning to understand that they have no future outside of Israel.
6. You are doing great job Mr. Masri. Let there be more of it !
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.05.15)
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