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Netanyahu ad compares dock workers to terrorists
Moran Azulay
Published: 05.03.15, 22:36
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1. make up your mind
The Left screams about the high cost of living in Israel, and they are right. One reason for the high cost of living are Leftist-supporting monopolies like the ports. The fact is Netanyahu did something to end these monopolies. You'd think that the Left would at least give credit for that
2. Great ad
David ,   New york   (03.06.15)
3. Dock workers & their union ARE like terrorists indeed.
4. Labor is hurting. Cry me a river
lucifer69   (03.06.15)
5. Yet another offensive stunt
Disillusioned   (03.06.15)
As usual, the power-desperate man resorts to scare tactics to fool the fools who actually believe that much-repeated speech in the USA is proof of his strength as a leader. It may be that there are still deluded folk out there following Netanyahu's every word (a word that has been broken time after time) but there are a lot of Israelis waking up and undertaking to do something to effect a change. This tasteless ad, incidentally, is how the Likud spends OUR money (these things cost a fortune to produce) on itself.
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