Netanyahu's secret peace offer concessions to Palestinians revealed
Nahum Barnea
Published: 06.03.15, 08:39
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1. do not believe any of it
CJK   (03.06.15)
these sound like obama's proposals. netanyahu has denied the report.
2. Election strategy
Aaron W. Kuperman ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.06.15)
The effect of the article at this time could be to: 1) help Likud's probable coalition partners, particularly Yachad and Yisrael Beiteinu who are flirting with falling below the threshold; 2) perhaps attract some support for Likud from those who feel Likud is too hawkish. Remember that all polling consistently shows a Nationalist-Hareidi coalition with a clear majority, that could be jeapordized if some "right" parties don't pass the threshold.
3. "say it ain't so Bibi" - taking Israelis for a ride
avramele   (03.06.15)
We always knew what the deal is, was and is going to be. Each year only brings more violence, more death, more needless war. both bibi and abbas are political deceivers in denial of the inevitable. And that is why the security experts are in public opposition to the coward on Balfour Street.
4. kishkush!
oded ,   usa   (03.06.15)
another imaginary project from the unfruitful mind of barnea. do you think that anyone with half a brain actually beleives or agrees with the rubbish you write?
5. Common Knowledge
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.06.15)
End 2013 to early 2014 the two parties were a hairs breath away from Resolution Borders Based on 67 plus land exchanges 1;1 Like for Like and up to 3:1 elsewhere Jerusalem A new Jerusalem Al Quds to be built with parts of East Jerusalem as a separate City not conjoined with Israeli Jerusalem Refugees All Palestinian Refugees will have the right to return to Palestine. Compensation awarded to all Palestinian families displaced Trade and Tourism Duty Free access to Israel markets and ports. Secure and easier movement for tourists Security Joint monitoring of borders Water Assured and increasing water and energy supply in line with population Mmm Not that difficult?
6. The devil is in the detail
Jake   (03.06.15)
"His office rejected the document as proof of an Israeli concession, saying it was an American proposal that Israel never signed-off on. "Molcho's talks were brokered by the Americans and failed to yield any agreements. (The talks) focused on an attempt to create an American proposal to moving negotiations forward with each side expressing maintaining the right to express reservations from any of the articles which they deem unacceptable." This part of the article is credible, but it totally contradicts the title of the article and the first half.
7. here we go again with Leftist BS
nadav ,   tlv   (03.06.15)
More leftist propaganda from alleged leaks in the government. Of course, the leftst media is all out to ruin the PM and his chances of winning. In this case, they are trying to show his right wing constituents that he is really a dove, a softy that will sell out Israel. The left is just pathetic...
8. No more concessions
Brod ,   USA   (03.06.15)
Israel learns its lesson that concessions exist only in fantasyland. The Usurpers want to usurp the whole Land of Israel and more. The Usurpers are a tentacle of Ayatollahist Iran. It is time to put this fantasyland scenario into the dustbin of history. GOD has given and restored the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel in the 20th century as a Fulfilment of His Prophecy in Ezekiel, Jeremiah, etc 2700 years ago. The ugly face of Anti-Semitism keeps harassing Israel to cow to the Usurpers. Israel can tell the dark forces to go to Hell.
9. Bibi was good once but having power corrupted him.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.06.15)
He is following the principles of Machiavelli. Despotism comes from wielding power for a long time. Israel should have term limits, like many smart countries do.
10. 3
CJK   (03.06.15)
you and your puppet obama cannot win this little game. everyone is waking up to the simple truth that obama has destroyed the middle east and has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands. iran's nuclear weapons program has advanced multifold and the islamic state is wreaking havoc in iraq and syria. assad is committing genocide on his own people with the help of shia terror state iran and its proxies. the shia terrorists have set op foreward bases all along israel's northern border.
11. seems unlikely; but if true...
dante   (03.07.15)
seems very unlikely. but, if it were true, the author of the purported capitulation should be tried for treason and shot.
12. #9, proving once more that cluelessness is incurable
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.07.15)
13. These were Obama's ideas that Netanyahu never accepted
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.07.15)
14. Israel
Peter O'Connor ,   Rochester,NY USA   (03.09.15)
It seems pretty easy to make decisions about Israel from rooms 3000 miles away. Sir if you must prattle on about what is good for Israel and the Israeli people.. Have the balls to move and live there!!!
15. Arabs Refused Best Offer.Voiolently stopped Jewish escape .
Zechariah   (03.10.15)
If its true the Palestinians did not even call the bluff .Actually it was leaked a few years ago but lack of substantial right of Return of Palestinians displaced emphasised .But the Jews say if the Jews were not offered refuge in Mandatory Palestine or even Turkey and the Vast spaces of Iraq and Syria Fom the Nazi Genocide in fact escape was violently blocked the Catastrophic Jewish loss of Millions obligates a Gigantic Compensation.
16. Please do not forget Jews forced out of Arab lands
Mc udell ,   U.S./IS   (03.11.15)
After living, often as a second class, for thousands of years, Jews who escaped or were forced to leave Arab lands must be recognized and compensated at the same time as agreement between Israel and ALL Arab/Islamic countries is reached.
17. Netanyahu's secret peace offer concessions to Palestinians r
connie mack ,   camden   (03.17.15)
WHAT?!?! This item is still being posted after it was proven to be a politically motivated fabrication? Ynet , like so many Leftist personalities and institutions, has no shame. Being a Liberal means never having to say "OOPS,I WAS WRONG."
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