Galant: Government knew of tunnels leading to preschools, didn't take action
Ilana Curiel
Published: 07.03.15, 15:52
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1. Realistically - I for one do not believe that any one or
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.07.15)
other government can do anything differently. The other parties (except Lieberman which is too far right) would either have the same Hamas problems or worse. Economics - the world is suffering worse than ours.
2. i don't believe israeli politicians
adam moe ,   earth planet   (03.07.15)
politicians of israel saying the opposite of what they i don't believe them at all
3. How long the calm holds..
OhMy ,   Dark side of the moo   (03.07.15)
..that's exactly his judgmental problem. It should have been instead once and for all resolution..
4. Galant says
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (03.07.15)
Here is someone, that is saying nothing. He is a man with a grudge and an ax to grind against the government because he didn't get the promotion he thinks he deserves. If he hadn't screwed up on his property maybe he could have put his money where his mouth is. But again. he screwed up, and he looks like he screwed up during Cast Lead if the tunnels were there then too.
5. chic sayings..
Adler J   (03.07.15)
Semitic people historically spoke semitic languages but to speak semitic languages not necessarily means you are semitic, and for sure whoever doesnt speak semitic languages it can't be called "antisemitic"
6. galant-half right
geroge   (03.07.15)
i like yaalon and galant. Cast lead was not a resounding success so galant is over stating results.. No question that bibi sued for early ceasefire in protective edge even before hamas. Frankly, the results should be measured through the rifle and not endless political calculations. Bibi who talks a good game is weak because he was shot as a commando and never got over it.As weak as he is, he is stonger than herzog, a bloody wimp and livni, a deluded dumbell. That israelis are willing to vote herzog in tells you that they are afraid and want protection from big brother USA whose assurances are currently worthless. Galant is right about the tunnels, as bennett has already stated, Yaalon has harmed himself at defense acting like bibi. Set a plan that goes all the way and do it full, not by half.
7. Bibi's Congress speech causing tsunammi of positivity
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.07.15)
Dumb Israeli leftists don't see the value of Bibi's magnificent speech to the U.S. Congress. Many in the Arab world do. They urge America to listen to Bibi. Kerry was forced, by Bibi's speech, to explain his regime's evil policy to Saudi and other Arab leaders. The world now respects Israel a tiny bit more because of Bibi's speech. More importantly, Israel respects herself a tiny bit more. Bibi's Congress speech is causing a tsunami of positivity around the world. But infallibly wrong leftist cretins would prefer Israel walk quietly into a new Holocaust!
8. People in glass houses should not throw stones!!!
Rosie   (03.07.15)
Yadlin Galant and others that were in top security and defense positions are now big shuts. They know how to be critical of the government but they don't revel what and how they would have done things better. The PM had little choice when Obama was on his back from day one. Obama put so much pressure on the Israeli government. Obama's boot was on the PM neck. There was little that he could have done different. Now Dagan, Diskin, Gallant, Yadlin and more are just shooting their stupid mouths off. They would have done much worse.
9. To barbara @1
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (03.08.15)
I agree with Your first sentence, Barbara...But pertaining your opinion of Lieberman, I have to disagree... He is probably the only statesman, who could bring the end of terrorism to Israel and our Nation ...What do you mean by "too far right.."?
10. Israelis must realize gravity of our situation. Petty
political figures don't cut it anymore. We need someone to state the obvious: Iran must be neutralized NOW, with nuclear devices if needed. Genocidal aspirations of Arabs both inside and outside of Israel must be removed by force with no qualms as to what the sick, antisemites of Europe & Husni Obama think or do! These are the realities of 2015, elections or not.
11. To Jennie #9 - I've of the opinion that Leiberman would
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.08.15)
be too KBGish and fanatic - I may be wrong but this is the feeling I get.
12. Galant's just getting back
D   (03.08.15)
at not getting the Chief of Staff post. Typical of a poor politician is the trashing of all other politicians, yet offering no vision, no charisma, no nothing but windbag politicking. From the moment he joined Smiley Mr One Trick Pony Kachlon, Galant shows how dangerous it is to select politicians solely on the basis of their military careers, witness the poor performances of Mofaz, Mitzna and definitely the dour General Ya'alon, whose abysmal performance during Operation Protective Edge demands that he go home to his fat army pension and never be in charge of our defense again.
13. Arab people's suffered in Gaza War as their leaders hid in s
Zechariah   (03.08.15)
No children it seems were allowed to shelter in the Gaza Tunnels the Jews being tricked into believing Hamas would protect the vulnerable .Jews need better shelters and the IDF far better high precision equipment . Equipment
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