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Zionist Union unveils party platform: Mending ties with US, reducing cost of living
Moran Azulay
Published: 08.03.15, 15:54
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1. Herzog is naive
Brod ,   USA   (03.08.15)
If he thinks mending ties with Obama the Islamist will do any good to Israel, he is naïve indeed and his pathway will imperil Israel. The fact is even if Herzog kisses Obama's feet, Obama would still be stepping on his head and pave Islamist-Jihadists to subdue Israel and fulfill the Ayatollahist goal.
2. strengthen ties with usa???
jack bauer   (03.08.15)
that can never be achieved until the muslim in the white house is retired
3. Labor plan: More economic disasters & Oslos
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.08.15)
Labor offers more of its disastrous socialist economics and more deadly Oslos. Nobody endangers Israel more than Labor.
4. Zionist Union and The Arab League
Henry Tobias ,   Maale Adumim   (03.08.15)
Any plan put to the Arab League by any Israeli Zionist party, will be rejected out of hand by the Arabs. Herzog and LIvni are living in La La Land.
5. If Zionist Union
means giving away most of Israel; i.e. Jerusalem, Yehuda and Shomron, Haifa and perhaps even Tel Aviv - all for so-called "peace", then yes, Livni and Herzog, are great candidates to head the Zionist Union.
6. Mending ties with US?
Pamela ,   TLV   (03.08.15)
This means giving into the obama ideology, something that translates into no Israel. While many like to cry about how they cant afford an apartment, guess what, if you elect these people you wont have a country. They think that appeasing obama, someone that hates Israel is really all Israel needs. Too bad many weak minded people will vote for these liberals, in the US I remember we had the same issue, the weaklings feel for the cute obama speeches.
7. Hate To Burst Buji's Bubble But The Only Strain
On Israeli, US relations is because of lame duck b.H.o., it won't matter who occupy's Prime Ministership there will be Friction until current administration Is Gone!
8. Livni-Herzog on Iran nuclear weapons program
C   (03.08.15)
they plan to let the united states and the international community to achieve a final status agreement with iran. hence, they plan to outsource israel's national security to the international community.
9. Mr. Hezog
Yoel ,   Israel   (03.08.15)
Sir, Ihope you practice what preach, I wish you luck in all your endevours- Please remember us pensioners we want a better life too, help us to acheive that goal- a change of Government is what is needed- I wish you do what is needed to do for peace, security, & the citizens welfare.
10. ....and Pigs fly especially in Labour
DT ,   TA Israel   (03.08.15)
& Hatnua.
11. Do I smell desperation on the right?
avramele   (03.08.15)
The fear of a sane center left government can be smelled from Metulla to the Negev. The best the right can now hope for is a national unity government without Bennett and without Lieberman.
12. #11 I want to vote for Labor
I really want to vote for Labor, but all I hear from Herzog and Livni are vague platitudes totally empty of any content. Please help me vote for Labor. Herzog wants peace with PLO. What will he give to Abbas that Livni/Netanyahu did not offer and he rejected? Will Herzog meet Abbas' demand for unlimited Arab immigration into Israel? Herzog wants to solve the "housing crisis" like everyone else. What will Herzog do differently than Lapid? In fact, what will Herzog do? Considering he announced he will produce 1 million homeless by ethnically cleansing Jews over the Green Line, reduce the amount of land available for Israel, and massive building for the Arab sector, how will that work?
13. Commentors
Nadya ,   California, USA   (03.08.15)
Your Commentors are ridiculous, the POTUS is not a Muslim and no one has proved otherwise. You are small minded and what we would term here in America as rednecks. Keep your religious biased comments to yourselves.
14. Livni & Buji... just go home now and save yourself from the
The unqualified ,   DUO   (03.08.15)
shame of defeat on election day... NOBODY is voting for you!!!!!!!!!
15. Can someone please respond SERIOUSLY
Dave   (03.08.15)
Why isn't Herzog behind bars for embezzlement of millions of shekel from a charity fund he headed?
16. Reply to #11. No. That scent,....
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (03.08.15) the old familiar combination of body odor and treason that is always associated with the left.
17. Jordan Valley is the difficult security question.
Zechariah   (03.08.15)
18. What version is this platform?
Moshe the Genuine   (03.09.15)
I just finished reading version 21.05.
19. You don't seem to tell your right from your left
Moshe the Genuine   (03.09.15)
Here is a trick: the right hand is the one with the thumb is on the left.
20. #15. We need to bring Herzog to justice!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.09.15)
Unless we make a huge outcry about Herzog, he will escape justice forever. Leftist political connections can no longer be allowed to shield criminals from justice.
21. So they invented something 2 weeks before elections
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.09.15)
22. Dear friends....
Adler J   (03.09.15)
ladies and gentlemen, honorable opinion writers, Ynet journalists, readers and Ynet followers: The most important and crucial mission for every candidate willing to be elected Prime Minister of Israel, is the ECONOMY. Do not misjudge reality. Israel needs a Welfare Economist as Prime Minister. One capable to create all the elements necessaries to provide a good human life to all Israelis, clean environment, education, a healthy life. The elected Prime Minister and the government institutions must enable to all citizens to feel they control their own life's, and not the opposite where the government controls all his citizens with excessive taxes and tariffs. Let me make clear, I am not against taxes, every successful economy world wide haves taxes systems. Israel gov is not economically equipped to deal with the consequences of constant wars which just increase unemployment. Israel economy needs to create perfect markets structures because just competitive markets produce efficient outcomes. I had heard several times the slogan "the country needs a change", but when you talk about changing the Prime Minister and you choose a new one that is going to do exactly the same than previous Prime Ministers done, it can't be called a change, or at least not the kind of change that the israeli society expects. I grew up in a capitalist country, and let me tell you this, in the economy science this country haves a lot to learn. To activate the Israel economy whoever becomes Prime Minister his priority must be to increase the social welfare. If Iis good for the israeli citizens is good for Israel. if is good for Israel is good for the Prime Minister. Shalom
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