Israel demolishes EU-funded shelters in Jerusalem
Published: 10.03.15, 20:20
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1. euros must follow israel law
brenrod   (03.10.15)
2. Demolition
Zvi ,   Bat Yam/Toronto   (03.10.15)
Very stupid usless move to get in conflict with EU for nothing.
3. Europe continues to meddle in Jewish life
europe would never dare meddle in tibet or kashmir or russia the way it meddles in israel.
4. eu building in israel
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.10.15)
did the eu have a building permit from Israel The eu should be sued for damages for constructing without permission and for demolition fees!
5. What happened to their tents?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.10.15)
Am I missing something,but I always thought that Bedouin Arabs were nomads and lived in tents? If they haven't got tents,they should stop calling themselves Bedouin.Whatever,I resent the EU throwing MY money down this drain. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
6. #1 not Israel law
The construction of the illegal Arab settlements (magically called shelters) is a direct violation of the Oslo Accords that US, PLO and Europe have all signed.
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