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Arab list spokesman raises ire over comparison of Zionism to ISIS
Shahar Hay, Hassan Shaalan
Published: 11.03.15, 10:18
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1. More torrid extreme rhetoric
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.11.15)
Far from looking after Israeli Arab interests and welfare these abominable comments will simply drive an even bigger wedge between those witless comedians and the Israel Arabs they purport to represent But there is even as we speak developing a grass roots Israeli Arab movement that is waking up to all damage to community relations and cohesion these cynical arrogant self promoters are causing and are prepared to voice these issues openly
2. nothing changed
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (03.11.15)
Always blame Israel, nothing wrong with Islam. NO. If we arfe that bad, why don't de Palestinians just leave?
3. Natural partner for Zippy&Buji, as long as "only not Bibi"!
4. These comments may even help Israel
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (03.11.15)
Do not go unreported or unnoticed in places outside IL where BDS and Palestinian Solidarity Movements are trying so hard to delegitimise Israel. It is the outrageously exaggerated comparisons linking IL to ISIS or WW2 Nazis that has done so much reputatational damage to the Anti IL campaigners . They may meet some applause in a few UG Student Unions and Far Left Movements, but the larger public is bored, tired and cynical about these groups, their Campaigns and Rhetoric. So in a strange convoluted way this cretinous Arab speaker has done more damage to the Palestinian cause, alienated more potential support. The public in Europe loathe ISIS, there is growing Islamophobia and what has this loony done, just confirmed that maybe ISLAM is really evil, maybe or probably IL reacts appropriately in Gaza.
5. Brainwashed idiot !
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.11.15)
6. This is the anti-Zionist party which said it'll endorse Buji
Jake   (03.11.15)
...leader of the "Zionist Union".
7. The response from the Joint Arab List is a boldface lie!
Expat ,   Adelaide   (03.11.15)
There was absolutely no 'provocation' from anyone when Za'atra began his shocking comparison, by asking the question "Where do you think Islamic State learned these things?" Of course, when he asked this question he already had his answer ready ("the Zionist movement in 1948"). Only AFTER he had uttered that question, someone yelled out "from you!" in response. Therefore, the only provocation was from Za'atra himself, and the Joint Arab List's response statement is exposed as a boldface lie which insults any thinking man's intelligence. Not the first time these terrorist-supporters have blatantly lied and altered the facts to suit their purpose.
8. path of modern civility
i-cigvid   (03.11.15)
Extremist Israeli Arab politicians are probably getting confused by diaspora organizations and by Iranian agents. The sane Israeli politicians must address the Arab population directly, to extricate the ordinary Israeli Arab citizens from the political traps. The ordinary Arab citizens must seek integration by stepping on the path of modern civility.
9. From the Grand Mufti to Za'atra, the bullying goes on.
i-resbul   (03.11.15)
These enemies of humanity, and of their fellow citizens, bully us all our history. Can they understand it one day that their bullying produces backlashes, like the tragic Naqba?
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