Opinion  Eitan Haber
Israeli concessions will not remain on paper
Eitan Haber
Published: 12.03.15, 00:27
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1. Haber really has NO IDEA about....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (03.12.15)
....how weak America has become internally. Maybe he should stop reading newspapers published in downtown Manhattan.
2. Haber's article
Isaac hladoovsky ,   Eas Windsor, NJ ; US   (03.12.15)
Sorry t say, but there seems to be no limit to the nonsense being written and published by the Israeli press these days. Sad to say.
3. You assume that Israel will depend on the US forever
Vlad   (03.12.15)
4. oh man, do stop this crap.
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.15)
Why now? why is Harber stirring the pot now? His articles are outrageous, damaging & totally without insight. It's time to call a spade a spade, enough already! Harber, you are 100% against Bibi & 200% for Lapid. Go away!
5. Let's hope for a GOP victory
SK ,   Tel Aviv   (03.12.15)
Media has recently lost enthusiasm for Hillary.
6. Israeli concessions will not remain on paper
Ariel M ,   Sydney   (03.12.15)
Doesn't matter what the article say, it's good to know the truth, however, there is nothing more dangerous and toxic than fear and negativity. If we survived over 2000 years we will survive all the days in this universe.
7. "...and Israel depends on them in everything"
Cameron ,   USA   (03.12.15)
Oh you damn straight on that, Haber. Let no Israeli ever forget that decisive factor. We back you in many matters, but not all, nor are we obliged to. This Judea & Samaria is a futile fantasy, and we have never swung behind this particular Israeli yearning. Untenable concept. Haber sees correctly enough what is coming regarding this West Bank business. Long overdue.
8. BB has accelerated much of this erosion of int'l support
Rafi ,   US   (03.12.15)
9. 7.
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.15)
You dont get it, do you? Regarding the west bank business, we refuse to be 7-8 miles wide, giving our beloved brothers enough width to aim their rockets & missiles with ease on the center of this country.Including our main airport.We refuse to be sitting ducks.
10. Obama gone in 2017. And Hillary won't win.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.12.15)
Yes, even leftists like Haber are starting to realize that their wet dream might be a nightmare. But what sort of crisis would drive the US military to involve itself in imposing a solution on Israel and only Israel? Yes, the Europeans would love to see this happen, and for the US to take the lead in such a travesty. But if it doesn't happen this year or next - highly unlikely given all the rest on America's plate - don't count on the next (likely Republican) administration supporting such policies. Obama will be out of office in less than two years. And Hillary Clinton is damaged goods; she will not be the next president. But if Herzog-Livni manage to pull together a coalition, that will be a win for Obama, and he will make one last push for major concessions from Israel. Herzog will fold like a cheap suit, and Israel's enemies - sensing an opportunity - will strike. That is the nightmare scenario. A weak Israel leadership, pressured by the US and Europe into a less defensible posture, and enemies ready to take advantage.
11. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.15)
First of all, Israel is not totally dependent upon the United States. And I don't see a decision by the United States to "order" Israel back to indefensible borders will be very popular with the overwhelming majority of Americans. That said -- how would the United States go about enforcing its "order?" Keep in mind that the full faith and credit of the United States Armed Forces couldn't even defeat Somalia. In fact, said United States Armed Forces were defeated by a handful of barefoot warlords armed with vintage Garand rifles and a couple of rusty RPG launchers. The United States has not won a major conflict since World War II, unless you count Grenada and Panama, and I do not. Just keep in mind that Israel is not Somalia.
12. Mr. Haber is being ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.15)
... less than truthful (gee, what a surprise). The document circulated by Barnea is not an Israeli position paper. It is a document -- a wish list -- circulated by the Americans, which was immediately and firmly rejected by Prime Minister Netanyahu. It was leaked by Tzipi Livni, by the way. Eitan, you are allowed to express your opinion. That is well within your rights. But you do not have the right to deliberately misrepresent facts. If you wish to retain some semblance of credibility, that is. When you do it verbally, it's called slander. When you do it via the written word, it's called libel. But make no mistake -- both are defamation. You are no longer a credible journalist. Some, such as myself, never thought you were much of a journalist to begin with. I'm betting that YNet will drop you like a hot potato should you be sued for defamation. But I suppose that you can always hook up with a rag like Ha'aretz.
13. Israel is a sovereign state. Haber is 100% wrong!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.12.15)
Do you want to know the source of almost all Israel's problems? Look no further than the weak pathetic people like Haber running the government. Haber is no longer running things. However, his horrid clones (Herzog, Livni etc.) are still playing a major destructive role. Israel is a sovereign state. Our future will not be decided by Obama. or America. America wasn't even a major ally till our brilliant victory in the Six Days War. Haber is 100% wrong; like always.
14. not on paper
David   (03.13.15)
I agree with the headline, albeit not with the context or sentiment. Israeli concessions will not remain on paper forever-- anything that is conceded will at some point be given. That is why nothing should be conceded, even in "theory"-- that we are not prepared to give. And we should never, ever, entertain any kind of concessions of the magnitude that Haber is suggesting. By virtue of even entertaining the possibility-- even deeming it something that should be accepted, whether by its merits or because of pressure, we give oxygen to the flames of the enemies trying to consume us. It is an unacceptable proposal, and we should neither propose nor entertain it, but treat it with the illegitimacy it deserves. Jewish communities should not be erased from the Jewish homeland.
15. Pardon my blunt honesty, Birdi
Cameron ,   USA   (03.12.15)
I feels for ya, caught by reality and circumstance as you are, but this Judea & Samaria vision was always fated to fold up like an old newspaper.
16. #15. Judea and Samaria are forever!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.13.15)
#15 Cameron. You may sincerely believe what you write. Just as Israeli leftists sincerely believed in Oslo, Disengagement, fleeing Gaza, ceding Golan...and every other idiotic disaster. But that doesn't change the fact that you are 100% wrong. Judea and Samaria have belonged to Israel for more than 4,000 years and always will. Obama, on the other hand, is a most temporary aberration. America was not even a key ally of Israel till after our brilliant 1967 victory.
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