For Palestinians, Israel's election offers bleak horizon
Published: 12.03.15, 00:10
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1. Israel's Election
Wm ,   New York, USA   (03.12.15)
"Abdallah has seen every election in Israel's 67-year history and said he saw no real difference between the left and the right in that time, despite repeated talk of peace." Abdullah lives in Gaza, land UNILATERALLY returned to the Gazans by an Israeli government under ARIEL SHARON, yet the 85 year old Mr. Abdullah sees no difference!! Pity the toll age takes on eyesight and memory!
2. WithTruce Better Lifeand Autonomy
Zechariah   (03.12.15)
With a Truce there can be a better life and autonomy in a part of Israel .Looking at the Arab and Islamicworld theArabs who are In the Long Truce State are very likely to have life better.The city of Rawabi could be one hundred thousand by 2018 and if a Truce holds there will be more Rawabis .
3. Moving back home to their Mecca ancestral land solves this
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.12.15)
4. So what perverted obscenities are ARAB LIST purveying today
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.12.15)
Whilst all of Israel unified in disgust are coming to terms with the barbaric execution, and the family still in mourning and shock at their loss Along comes this weird Arab List 'spokesman' seeking to score some political points by stirring up community tensions by stating that somehow 'ISIL learned their trade to execute directly from Israel and Jews and that this Israeli boys death was somehow down to Israel Well LOOK at the CHATTER. Talk with Israeli Arabs. Far from being iimpressed the majority are absolutely sickened and HORRIFIED by the actions and rhetoric of these people supposed to be representing their interests And the sight in that 'groupie' photo of the Arab List mob gawping like a bunch of schoolchildren - no wonder Maybe its time for the younger generation of Israeli Arab MKs to join mainstream parties where they might have more influence and work better for Israeli Arab interests than this punch drunk bunch of puffed up self promoters
5. palestinians
john burns ,   fontana..america   (03.12.15)
maybe when the quit lobbing rockets, digging tunnels into Israel and basically trying to destroy Israel, they might get treated a lot better
6. Palestinians CAN be in the driving seat
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.12.15)
We just need to change our mindset Once we figure out that STATEHOOD and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT must be taken as SEPARATE issues dealt separately each can be allowed to progress at its own pace So we don't have the silly situation where economic development stops, starts. falters in time to the Statehood Negotiations Music, the political ups and downs so damaging economic progress and hopes and aspirations for Palestinians in the West Bank Does it matter if Palestinians in the West Bank prospered whilst negotiations for Statehood are still taking place? Because the other OLD way where Palestinian POVERTY was always used as some sort political football to advance statehood is crazy And don't forget that Economic Strength can be a far greater attribute for Statehood than rockets or UN grandstanding ever can
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