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Ynet poll: Likud trails Zionist Union by 4 seats days ahead of elections
Published: 13.03.15, 09:13
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1. a nursery rhyme for our times
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.13.15)
Humpty Bibi sat on a wall Humpty Bibi had a great fall All Bibi's spins and all Bibi's men Could not put Bibi together again
2. doesn't look good-- make it better
David   (03.13.15)
I admit not all of you will agree with my support for Netanyahu-- but those who do, and can, must forgo a vote for Bennett or almost any other alternative if you want to see a government in power that will continue to strongly and capably resist the attempt to push Israel to a very unfavorable final settlement. It will not happen if the Likud wins, but it may well if the Likud doesn't. Even if Labor establishes a weak coalition, as long as it can survive for the 22 months that Obama has left in office, Israel in its current borders will not. I admire Bennett and think he is fantastic, but it is more important to have an effective right wing leader at this point than a beautifully spoken right wing opposition. Likud indeed seems to be in trouble; in which case Israel is in trouble. People of sense-- awaken and vote for the only prime minister in 30 years who did not dismantle or propose in negotiations to dismantle tens of thousands of Jewish homes-- the only one. Vote for the only one, other than Sharon the bulldozer, who did not propose to divide Jerusalem. (contrary to the vacuous lies publishes a few days ago, which are refuted by even the words of Livni months ago). Vote for the only prime minister in 30 years who has actively tried to change the terms of the negotiation in Israel's favor.
3. I hope Zippy &Buji are lulled into thinking just that!
4. math & statistics
Adler J   (03.13.15)
Likud 26 Jewish home 18 kulanu 13, Shas 9 United Torah 7 and Ha Am Itanu 6 ask me and i will tell you where i got this numbers
5. Likud trails anti-Zionist means that Jews
Chaim   (03.13.15)
should get their passports ready for Arabs will be handed over most of Israel except for Tel Aviv od course.
6. In the meantime we still haven't heard
why Herzog the crook was not imprisoned for stealing millions of dollars from a charity organization he headed.
7. Poll
Brod ,   USA   (03.13.15)
If the Poll is accurate, the Leftist venom campaign in demonizing the PM has been effective. It also shows that the PM and the Conservatives have failed to counter attack their Leftist opponents. It also shows that Obama corruption Wahhabhist money that he collected during his campaigns have been used to meddle in Israel's election and in corrupting those who have been vitriolic in demonizing the PM. It is time the Conservatives launch strong counter attacks against the Leftists by way of massive rallies. Expose Obama as the latent hand behind the Leftist machinery.
8. Israel needs a new face
ky   (03.13.15)
9. Michael, #!, your decision-making has been simplified
Jake   (03.13.15)
You no longer have the dilemma of having to choose between Hadash, Balad, Ta'al, the Islamic Movement, and the United Arab List. Now they have been all rolled into one.
10. Tzipi and Buji wil ensure Arab recognition of a Jewish State
Jake   (03.13.15)
....within the boundaries of Dawlat Tel-Abib (minus Jaffa).
11. #6, you tell us.
Ma   (03.13.15)
12. There will be a trick, a foylishtik. Depart peacefully, him?
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.13.15)
13. time for change
jonathan ,   new york   (03.14.15)
seems to me the Likud supporters running scared, that their beloved Bibi is not the KING OF ISRAEL. Bibi has been leading Israel down a path of ruin. He has not bettered Israel's stance in the world community. Israel is more isolated more hated in the world and much of the blame falls on Bibi. World opinion matters
14. The surprise is coming
Brod ,   USA   (03.15.15)
Despite this poll, the Conservatives will win. Israel will reject Obama's latent hands in meddling in Israel's election and in Obama's attempt to usurp the government of Israel by funding and paving his Leftist Lackeys to do his dirty work. Obama hates Israel and America. He wallows with the Muslim Brotherhood-Father of all Islamist-Jihadist Terrorism around the world.
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