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Diskin: Netanyahu failed, give Herzog a chance
Moran Azulay
Published: 13.03.15, 22:21
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1. Election choice
Tony Trenton ,   Petach Tikva Israel   (03.14.15)
This is the time for being resolute !! Not a time for giving chances to hopeful dreamers offering intangible dreams !!! Bibi is that experienced leader who know the score and has the guts to do what is right !!!
2. Diskin's logical fallacy
C   (03.13.15)
diskin argues that if netanyahu is bad, herzog must be better. diskin presents no reason to believe so. herzog has already proven that he is a wimp by allying with livni. livni is an amazingly arrogant woman whose sole goal is to become prime minister. she has changed parties four times in eleven years just for that purpose. livni was a failure as foreign minister and as justice minister. her attempt to close down israel hayom shows that she will go to any lengths to achieve her personal ambitions. zu's list is filled with young, inexperienced far left people. such a list put together by herzog is scary. diskin's obsession with israel's strategic relations with the united states ignores the fact that obama hates israel. he sides with the muslim brotherhood against the secular government of al-sisi. such a man cannot be trusted. his appointment of robert malley to handle middle east issues at the national security council proves his hostility beyond any doubt.
3. If Herzog wins, Hamas and Hezbollah will active in minutes.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.17.15)
It doesn't take a genius to understand that perceived weakness will result in Arab fanatics having a field day at Israel's expense. Does Herzog have a bite, or is he all bark?
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