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Court orders Haredi papers to run campaign ads for women's party
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 14.03.15, 23:56
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1. Yay
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.15.15)
Bravo ladies & I wish you all good luck.
2. Daughters of Zion
Daughters of Israel, daughter of Jacob, and daughter of the Great King and Deborah. These ladies are not doing anything wrong. What they are doing is for everyone and their efforts will bear fruit. Their concerns have been noted.
3. This court order would never pass haredi paper Hamodia.
4. 50% of haredi public without rights?
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (03.15.15)
What I cannot understand is why Haredi leaders do not wholly see the additional power they would gain by having woman candidates. Is it because they are scared of what women might do if they gain a voice? let me tell them that the emunah (faith) of their wives mothers and daughters is stronger than theirs
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