Saudi prince warns Iran deal risks local arms race
Published: 16.03.15, 08:56
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1. Saint Obama was warned about this time and again
CJK   (03.16.15)
unfortunately one cannot reason with someone convinced of his own genius.
2. Odd demand
Sehsane ,   Amman Jordan   (03.17.15)
Funny those Saudis did not want the same when the question was Israel's nuclear capability.
3. To: Facebook Bryan Custer
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.17.15)
Well, it certainly will not be the United States Army, the full faith and credit of which were defeated in Somalia by a bunch of barefoot warlords armed with a bunch of vintage Garand rifles and some rusty old RPG launchers. It certainly will not be the full faith and credit of the United States Armed Forces, who turned tail and ran out of Iraq like a bunch of striped-ass baboons. Of course, the United States very cleverly managed to leave their top of the line weapons and materiel behind, which is why ISIS is now so well-armed. It certainly won't be the United States, who was defeated by tiny men wearing black pajamas in Vietnam. LOL! The United States Armed Forces are a joke. They use equipment manuals in the form of comic books to learn how to use American materiel. You think you can handle a country such as Israel? Where the hell would you have been in the Gulf War in 1991, had not the State of Israel done your work for you by destroying Iraq's OSIRAC nuclear reactor? Lined up with your F-16s wingtip to wingtip. You're lucky the Iraqis are just as dumb as you. One bombing raid, and the U.S. hightails it out of Iraq. Hmmm. Just as you eventually did. Keep laughing your ass off. Please also keep in mind that Israel is not Somalia. We saw how "well" (chuckle) you acquitted yourself against them. How do you think you'll fare against Israel, moron? Trust me -- Israel is neither Grenada nor Panama. We will clean your clock and send you home crying to your mommies. Still laughing? Didn't think so. Better get yourself a new commander in chief. The one you have is a joke. And he doesn't stand a chance against Israel. You need to keep that in mind, sluggo. LOL!
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