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Netanyahu says no Palestinian state if he remains PM
Moran Azulay
Published: 16.03.15, 18:59
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1. Welcome to the Bibifada!
Avramele   (03.16.15)
From his comments over the weekend it is unclear whether his mindset is that of Samson, Massada, or a Japanese kamakazi. And before someone suggests Bar Kochba go look up how many of our people died in that fiasco.
2. The left are too stupid to realize how dangerous
C   (03.16.15)
creating an Arab state in tiny Israel is.
3. Living in cloud cuckooland
Disillusioned   (03.16.15)
The birth rate is the reason to divorce us from the Palestinians. It's not easy these days to consider concessions but hell, if we don't do something about separating the two peoples, the sheer numbers are going to prove a problem. As for the rest, most of the country has been waking up to the fact that they simply cannot trust this man to do anything in a weighed out, balanced way. He is a liability to his own party.
4. True or false ?
Jacob Edelman ,   New York,USA   (03.16.15)
Finally we know what he has been truly thinking all these years!
5. Credibility
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (03.16.15)
His credibility has a bit vanished. He should have done that construction more aggresively in last years. but has not. Why?
6. Bibi says....
Harrybaby ,   Toronto   (03.16.15)
That's almost as funny as "Obama" says..."
7. Knew it all along
Ed ,   USA   (03.16.15)
I've been saying for years Bibi never meant what he said at Bar Ilan, and only gave lip service to peace. Now we know for sure he's never meant a word of it and has been obstructing deliberately.
8. 2 states - not now
Robert Shwab ,   shaker heights, Ohio   (03.16.15)
This is not the time for another radical, Islamic, kleptocracy in the Middle East. Hands are full already with Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, Iran, etc. Even Turkey going weird. Find some other accomodation for self-administered autonomy zone like Hong Kong or Puerto Rico.
9. Now that Bibi's mask is off
Israel can kiss US vetoes at UN Security Council goodbye. If Bibi is re-elected Israel will officially become a pariah state.
10. state for palestine.
Bob ,   Spokane, USA   (03.16.15)
Israel belongs to Israel....all of it. The palestinians could be settle in Syria after the present regime ends and help to rebuild the nation there. Israel has a right to all of the occupied territories as their own.
11. No peace partner
Adam ,   Canada   (03.16.15)
Israelis can not keep saying there is no peace partner
12. BB rejects 2-state possibility
V_Sonti ,   USA   (03.16.15)
Now, Mr. PM you must walk the walk. You must have the courage to expel all Palestinians from our land!
13. 1 no one has explained why another terror state is desirable
CJK   (03.16.15)
the obsession with the arab palestinians is totally inexplicable.
14. Now he's stating the obvious?! And we shall believe it too?!
15. Another bias anti-israeli report
Someone ,   USA   (03.16.15)
So you said what everyone in Israel agrees one will divide Jerusalem...there will never be a majority for that kind of move. There is no such thing as controversial neighborhoods...unless there is an agreement those are all Israeli territories. That does not mean the peace process should stop On top of this you only interview one person for response that is Palestinian which would mean no matter what they would say it hurts the peace process. If they wanted peace there would have been peace already...they just want to destroy Israel....and they will fail again
16. Don't make the same stupid mistake America made! Vote Bibi!
David ,   Haifa   (03.16.15)
Now they are temporarily paying for it. The change stuff is nonsense! Listen to advice by Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi who said Netanyahu's comments were "dangerous" and could plunge the region into violence. Ahh, so his comments will plunge into violence what is already plunged into violence...the problem is already there.
17. #1 and ISISfada
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.16.15)
Achmedele, thank you for showing your true colors
18. boooooo what a lier
he will sell israel and his soul if he can keep his sit. i m disgusted by him
19. The most Israel can offer
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.16.15)
To avoid a disastrous bi-national state and knowing well the murderous nature and real intention of our close neighbors, is a DEMILITARIZED state in area A and part of B.
20. # 5 The reason
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.16.15)
Because Netanyahu wanted to appease Obama and keep good relationship with US.
21. #1:Look up under "Shoah": that's when we didn't fight back!
22. Obama is right!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.16.15)
Omg this man is a snake. He is a despicable person. He was deliberately deceiving the POTUS and Kerry all along. It's no wonder he is despised by the white house. He can kiss the republicans neo idiots butts all day long, but Obama knows the true man. I can't wait until the Israeli voters kick this snake to the curb.
23. No distraction to peace
Undivided Jerusalem for peaceful people of Israel that is peace.
24. Foresight.
Gabe ,   Canada   (03.17.15)
Pali leadership own property in Jordan for a good reason. Their bluffing has lasted long enough.
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