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Netanyahu wakes up to shock election victory
Yaron Druckman
Published: 18.03.15, 06:20
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1. In a way, Bibi ran against Obama who scares Israel's voters
Alan ,   SA   (03.18.15)
2. stubborn nation
zaratustra ,   Malibue, CA   (03.18.15)
i cant believe Israelis voted this guy for their leader again, as if the last 6 years didn't teach you guys a thing. welcome into the pariah state, lack of humility and rational will bring jolt of reality to which you will have no say, very sad day.
3. Benjamin Netanyahu
patty ,   USA   (03.18.15)
Look at Bibi's smile ! So very happy for him after all he's gone through ! A huge victory for Israel!! God is good !
4. Shocked? Who was shocked?
Obama lost   (03.18.15)
Those who created the fantasy illusion bubble in the media and in their heads heard a large pop.. I knew Netanyahu would win.
5. Exit polls consistently exaggerate leftist strength
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.18.15)
In Israel and America, exit polls consistently exaggerate leftist strength. The reason is that everyone knows the media is leftist. Many people politely tell pollsters what they want to hear instead of who they really voted for.
6. Obama must have seen this coming
Devorah   (03.18.15)
He removed Iran and Hizbullah from his administration's terror list.
7. War is coming. Time to leave Israel
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.18.15)
8. votes
john ,   toronto   (03.18.15)
The number of votes from each region should be counted and declared instead of the number of seats likud won and the election officer should declare it.
9. The entire Israel media have waged a war against Netanyahu..
Al   (03.18.15)
well they lost. Clearly the people saw thru the charade. What you have to worry about is the clear 3rd party winner. They are your true enemy. Wake the hell up or you will lose the state.
10. Obama = Evil, Poisonous, Vile & Disgusting
Andrew Solow ,   San Francisco, USA   (03.18.15)
Thank God that the Israeli people voted AGAINST Barak Obama's naked attempt to meddle in the affairs of the State of Israel. Obama is the worst president that the United States has had since nearly 100 years ago when Warren Harding was President.of the USA. Israel must not falter in it's effort to resist Iran's naked attempt to turn the entire Middle East into a Shia Islam Caliphate. Obama has already severely damaged America. Don't let Obama destroy Israel and the Middle East. Andrew Solow, San Francisco, CA
11. Ban
DeBrown ,   US of A   (03.18.15)
I hope President Obama bans BeeBee from the Whitehouse. There are enough people like him in the publican camp.
12. So rather than popping of champagne in White House ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.18.15)
... they're crying in their beer. I can live with that.
13. I told you he gonna win. Now What??
Asher ,   NY,USA   (03.18.15)
14. Congrats Bibi! Well done!
Benji ,   US   (03.18.15)
Best news all day!
15. Hmmm -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.18.15)
There was a prophesy given the Israel iPM before he became the Israel PM the first time - " He was to be PM two times, and during those times, Israel would face the worst challenge in Her History " !. I think this worst scenario lies ahead. Arn.Sweden.
16. All is as it should be. Imagine the victory had Obama stayed
away from our elections? Many not-so-head strong of our citizens were swept away by the "Only not Bibi"-theme that the Judoquislings on the left presented as their main policy for the future...that and dividing Jerusalem!
17. Revenge is sweet!
tiki ,   belgium   (03.18.15)
Bravo Netanyahu, Likud & Israel!
18. Likud swings it
Cameron ,   USA   (03.18.15)
The Left catches a foot right in the posterior. Net puts victory under his arm.
19. Congratulations, Netanyahu!
tellhashomer ,   Ann Arbor MI, USA   (03.18.15)
Ever since you have presented your plan to defung Iran's nuclear death wish to the world in USA just two weeks ago you are my hero. I am glad to see Israeli people are not being fooled by Obama obvious taqiyya and are not victims anymore. It took a lot of restrain on your part to deliver your message to US Congress in measured passion of truth.
20. Saddened
Ruth ,   Ramat Efal, Israel   (03.18.15)
As an Israeli I'm proud of our democracy and the fact that our people are able to vote in free elections (as opposed to the entire Middle East). On the other hand we, our children and grandchildren are saddened by the result. It is incomprehensible that the majority of Likud's supporters are those same very poor people who don't have decent housing and struggle on a daily basis with high food prices. All this whilst enormous budgets are handed over to a tiny majority in the territories. Well I hope that the opposition will be fierce and continue fighting for equality and a decent income for all. I also hope that our PM has learnt some humility and will lower his own life style which is a disgrace in a country with so many poor.
21. Nr 2.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.18.15)
So Spoke Zaratustra(Also sprach zarathustra) - as according to Niezche. We know what kind of Personality and Spirit that was. Arn.Sweden.
22. why not? herzog wont be better..
jew ,   europe   (03.18.15)
why are all sad? did you really want to Herzog win and than gave up half of Israel to arabs? Netanyahu at least showed us he has courage and he doesn't give up Israel for some stupid usa and eu anti-Semites !
23. A Bibi win, an Obama loss
Buck Farack ,   Boston, USA   (03.18.15)
This election shows the wisdom of the Jewish people of Israel. They did not fall for the lies, deceit and destruction of Barack Obama. While Obama has brought the USA low, Israel stands high. I'm so proud of Israel.
24. Clear Mandate
JS ,   USA   (03.18.15)
Bibi's remarks during the last throws of this election about there never being a Palestinian state under his watch - turning it from a tight race to a clear victory shows what the people of Israel want. Any further hopes from the left, especially Obama are futile. It isn't just Bibi they are up against, its the people of Israel. I hope my disaster of a President realizes this.
25. In a way?
Diane ,   USA   (03.18.15)
It was obama's typical divide and conquer, manipulate, and bus in routine. When your adversaries are against Bibi because they know he defends Israel, the Israeli's need to wake up and understand Bibi is for them and the world is against them. It was still too close -24 seats for the party that wants to divide and conquer Israel.
26. Huge Smile!
Diane Margison ,   USA   (03.18.15)
He loves Israel and the people. He is between a rock and a hard place. Now, the world has to enforce a division- I look for Obama to vote with the UN to divide Israel. Tough years are ahead for Israel- but worse yet for the world and its treatment of Israel.
27. They aren't terrorist
Diane ,   USA   (03.18.15)
in his book- they are his friends.
28. Partially true
Diane ,   USA   (03.18.15)
but you have to remember the #2 party was endorsed by the #3 party and the entire world governments. So, Israel has the enemy in the camp. I think a good warning is to keep Obama and his likes out from talking to their college students....
29. I doubt it
Diane ,   USA   (03.18.15)
PA and Obama are probably pissed they now have to go to the UN for the division- before they could count on Herzog and Livni.
30. This is his 4th term
Diane ,   USA   (03.18.15)
...but tough times are ahead for Israel- not because of Bibi but because of obama and all the anti-semitism. And worse times are ahead for the world. Israel will be divided, but they will survive and expand.
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