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Israel protests Hungary's Eurovision entry
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.03.15, 15:15
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1. Hungarian Anti-Semites
max ,   Washington DC   (03.19.15)
As an Magar I am saddened that there are so many Hungarian anti-Semites still in Hungary even after they were liberated from both Facism and Communism.
2. Send this titty back to singing school
Beno   (03.21.15)
Very bad, the guitar accompaniment is also an F minus. Too bad because Hungarians are very talented musicians usually. Well thank you genocidal Hungarians for your criticisms...
3. That's not the only thing
Jerry ,   London   (03.20.15)
In the background you can see the tragedies on a screen, which includes "January 7, 12 dead Paris" and the Hungarians of course do not include the 4 dead Jews, what a coincidence. A jew hating continent will never change.
4. Why
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (03.19.15)
It's always the beautifullests who are the dumbests ?
5. Quiet diplomacy worked
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (03.19.15)
Why rant and rave against Hungary, as though every single Hungarian was behind the lyrics in this song? Our ambassador had a few quiet words with the appropriate authority, who in turn agreed to rectify the situation. End of story!
6. why
Mordehai ,   Israel   (03.20.15)
RIP for the children God save them No one has right to kill children ! This song has right to mention that no one has right to kill children !
7. Simply remove the reference as it is overtly political
In any event it takes a political stance on a conflict which is subject to dispute about causes and casualties. Polticisingthe song contest with a direct reference to a military battle had no place in a eurovision contest. The theme is contrastingly admirable.
8. Why the hell are we even in "Eurovision?
9. Mind your own business or....
Robert ,   Australia   (03.24.15)
....ban the anti European posters here on ynet, which is most of them. Since when was Israel part of Europe and had a say in what Europeans say or think?
10. Israel and Eurovision
Deborah ,   UK   (03.24.15)
Why are they in the competition as Israel is not in Europe?
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