Report: US revisiting Israel policy after PM's rejection of Palestinian state
Published: 19.03.15, 15:59
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1. Question forTalkbackers
Jason,Ph.D. ,   Charlotte,USA   (03.19.15)
Would it be a good thing for Israel if it announced that the U.N. has absolutely no legitimacy, and therefore Israel is quitting the U.N., and that Israel would welcome a new organization among free nations? The U.N. cannot tell Israel what to do if it is not a member.
2. unfortunate
ky   (03.19.15)
election result for Israel. It's not so much the policies but rather the face that mattered on this occasion. A learning curve is now in the process of construction.
3. Not Likely
Max ,   washington dc   (03.19.15)
The United States has always stood beside its ally Israel and it is unlikely that position would change given the aggressive behavior of Iran and its proxies in taking over land in the Middle East. The Palestinians going to the UN and ICC to threaten Israel and with US withholding its veto from unilateral UN actions, may backfire as the next Presidential Elections are just 600 days away.
4. History proves Israel can do ANYTHING when we are united!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.19.15)
I have criticized Bibi many times, in the past, and I will in the future. However, he has done many things right in the last few weeks. Three of them are: 1) His fantastic election victory, of course. 2) His wonderful Churchillian address to the U.S. Congress. 3) Telling all of Israel about the Obama led leftist plot to topple him. I urge Bibi to keep telling Israel about ALL threats made by Obama, the E.U. etc. Let us face the threats and the mobsters, who make the threats, as a strong united nation. History proves Israel can do ANYTHING when we are united!
5. @ 1
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.19.15)
Are you serious? The UN can do so much damage to Israel. Just imagine If Israel couldn't transfer a shekel anywhere in the world or if no nation was allowed to trade with Israel or no Israeli air carrier can land in any other nation or re-fuel? That 's what happened to Iran when it was put under UN sanctions orchestrated by the US. I hope Bibi understands that the protection he gets at the UN is priceless. I hope the US will continue to protect Israel, however Bibi is not helping Obama in any way shape or form with his arrogance and racist comments.
6. Israel was not reborn to submit to petty dictator Obama!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.19.15)
We did not rebirth Israel, after 2,000 years, to submit to a petty little dictator like Obama. Israel must act like a proud sovereign nation. People respect the strong and despise the weak and snivelling. This is why Israel's self respect will skyrocket when she claims all her land. Others will also respect Israel far more: as they did before the Oslo Disaster.
7. the little emperor is furious
c   (03.19.15)
there is not much obama can do to the jewish state. a vote for an arab palestinian state in the unsc will accomplish precious little. the un does not have the authority to create states or to determine unilaterally the borders of sovereign state. unsc resolutions are simply political recommendations. they do not have the force of law.
8. 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.19.15)
Nice one Jason, but you know that will never happen.
9. Well done Chaim!
You are leading on talkbacks and beating Sarah B. at moment.
10. Now you can wait united on that Obama payback, Chaim
Cameron ,   USA   (03.19.15)
You've had the victory, now you must labor through the fallout.
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