White House: US 'to reevaluate' backing for Israel at UN
Published: 19.03.15, 20:20
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1. back pedaling
fausto montoya ,   United States   (03.19.15)
Did i hear some one say Now comes the hard part for The prime Minister after having to go that far for fear of not making it and thinking out loud the Obama administration was going to be at fault if he got replaced ? I myself said it made no sense for a man so smart to make a so visible boo boo after another ! You trow the dice and the outcome is either good or is bad ! One thing is for sure the outcome is final ! Should we see the Israeli election as an opportunity to start over ? No.we have a man contradicting him self left and right and it can be very dangerous for the U.S. to have an unconditional support knowing how manipulative and easy to be manipulated the other end can be ! Lets build some trust first ! It applies in all relationships !
2. Own political survival at the expense of Israel's
N ,   N   (03.19.15)
Outgoing PM Netanyahu delivered a big gift to the enemies of Israel. His personal short-term success is much more important to him than Israels long-term survival. First he backtracks from his commitment for a two-state solution and a few days after that he backtracks from his backtrack. President Rivlin must choose someone else (from Likud) to form a new government.
3. Obama is the man!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.19.15)
About time he stands up to that lying racist. It is obvious that Bibi doesn't like Obama because he is black. All the VETO's Obama has cast to protect Israel diplomatically and the hundreds of millions in extra funding for the Iron Dome. I support Israel 100 percent, however It made a huge mistake in re-electing that racist that hates Americans and would love to see Americans die in a war with Iran.
4. Peace means no terror regime in Gaza.
Bob K ,   Orlando FL USA   (03.19.15)
The world at large, including Obama, ignores the rocket threat from Gaza to Israel. Last summer hamas fired 4,454 rockets at Israeli cities but the world focused on Palestinian casualties not hamas' rocket attacks. The world does not care about Israel's safety, it cares only about forcing Israel to give in to Palestinian demands for land and the 'right' to transfer hundreds of thousands or millions of Arabs into Israel. The Israeli left goes along with this because it is scared of the EU and of losing US support. Netanyahu sees the big picture and knows that Israel must defend itself against all of these threats and knows Israel can do so. If peace is not real and sustainable then of what value is it? A peace of paper like the Oslo Accords peace process which the PA. hamas and Islamic jihad blew up with suicide bombings and drive-by shootings which killed over 1100 Israelis from 2000-2004.
5. Rhetoric
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (03.19.15)
I do believe that Bibi is a pathological liar. One day, please vote for me. Next, two state solution under certain circumstances. Translation. Give Israel economic and military aide, and let me continue doing what I always do. Lie through both sides of my mouth. The man is a legend in his own mind.
6. Only way to two states is to demand one!
Bill ,   Skokie U.S.A.   (03.19.15)
If the Palestinians really want a State of their own, they need to say don't want it and demand One State for all with equal rights. I am certain that Israel will be offering all kinds of things to get them to accept their own state.
7. White House re evaluates
silverback ,   Naples, Florida. Usa   (03.19.15)
Who cares? The White House is impotent and the U.n. Is a useless accumulation of deviants and bumblers on the same line of the White House. They can decide anything, if Israel refuses to comply, end of story. Don't worry about dumb stuff, worry about the decision the accumulated buffoons decide on the Iranian nuke talks.
8. Israel
John ,   burlington, ma   (03.19.15)
It is time the US ended the blind support of Israel. This is not WWII, yet we support their genocide of the Palestinian people. I for one am tired of the knives in the back from racist schmucks like Netanyahoo.
9. liar liar pants on fire
avramele   (03.19.15)
Bayit Yehudi voters who switched to Likud must feel really stupid now.
10. Liar.
Daniel   (03.19.15)
No one is ever going to take Netanyahu at his word ever again.
11. the two state solution must be re-examined
C   (03.19.15)
the idea of a two state solution is a utopian dream but one which does not make economic, political or military sense. let's start by admitting that an arab palestinian state is not at all viable economically. the arab palestinians will never renounce terror, at least not in the near future. israel will never accept an arab palestinian state that poses a real threat to her existence or well being.
12. US is undoubtedly a great ally
C   (03.19.15)
the current us president dislike the jewish state and her leader, benyamin netanyahu.
13. kids play
David Fakheri ,   L A USA   (03.19.15)
Mr obama, relationship between two countries like Israel and US is a matter of living issue for one body and there is no way that one can survive without the other especially when it comes to internationally security matters. We know that our state needs your support as much yours needs us, shouldn't lets those serious matters to kids play.
14. Back to politics. Anyone though otherwise?!
15. here we go again with the two-sided talk
Alex ,   Israel   (03.19.15)
"there will be no Palestinian state under my watch" (please please vote for me...). "I am committed to a peaceful two state solution" (please please continue to veto anti Israel resolutions and keep sending me weapons...) Nethanyahu = Robert Mughabe = Recep Erdogan - same types. G-d help Israel and Israelis - those that voted for this low life and those that didn't
16. Yea Gaza strip
Just remove Hamas.
17. Nothing new
Abu Zibby ,   Haifa, IL   (03.19.15)
The current US adminstration waited for this oppurtunity to de-legitimize Israel on an international level. Well, they'll will force a resolution on Israel that will have to recind 242 which will put Israel in a new position. Then, the Two-Plus-Four-Agreement comes to mind. You play chess on on the international chessboard and each turn takes years. Even UNSC is a paper tiger.
18. lightning fast backtracking?
Pizza Steve ,   Bronx, New York   (03.19.15)
19. Pres. O. hasted to openly criticize PM N. on BOTH issues
N ,   N   (03.19.15)
If Pres. O. only wanted to settle the score with PM N. it would have been sufficient to criticize the rejection of the two-state-solution. But he criticized PM N. for the "Danger! The Arab Israelis are going to vote in masses" tirade, too. What PM N. did amounts to Lashon Hara. Most people can fell for that for a short time, but after that they regret it. And right-wingers hate to be fooled by lashon hara, too! But thanks to Pres. O. every Israeli critic is now second-in-line after him. That makes it harder. But I hope President Rivlin has the same common sense as Reuven.
20. Flip-flop
Daniel   (03.19.15)
Congrats to all the voters who thought something he said on Monday would still be valid on Thursday. You're stuck with him now, like it or not.
21. Till somene with the guts to claim our land leads Israel...
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.19.15)
Israel did the right thing by choosing Bibi over loony left Herzog and Livni. However, to nobody's surprise, Bibi backtracked in refusing to reject the monstrous Two State Final Solution. We must make do with Bibi till someone with the guts to claim all our sole tiny Homeland leads Israel. Hopefully very soon.
Nor credibility ,he is a Liar par excellence.
23. Only Bibi knows how to continue the talk for another 2 year
until the dictator in the US leaves.
24. Netanyahu and Truth
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.20.15)
He is such an accomplished liar that it is hardfly likely that he believes in himself
25. obama and Isreal
bob ,   sechelt BC   (03.20.15)
why would anyone want the USA to back them... they haven't won a war in 4 years... and with Obama ( Chamberlain) they never will
26. backwards
Michael ,   Seattle USA   (03.20.15)
Truly feel for the people of Israel. I know how it felt having George Bush as a President. Not fun!!! And now the vibrant youth of Israel are stuck with the burden.
27. Us and Israels relations
Paul Large ,   Tipton Indiana   (03.20.15)
I do not believe Obama hates Israel. I do believe there is a fundamental difference in the values of this administration.They have a willingness to take chances with other peoples lives to appease a position toward Israel. Thank God Bibi won..Stand strong Israel and Americans pray for those who stand against her.
28. let this be a wake up call for israelis
david ,   new york   (03.20.15)
if you are still living under the delusion that obama and the europeans are so interested in the "peace process" because they care deeply about your safety and well being, please wake up and smell the coffee: israel is being thrown under the bus in order to appease the moslems and satisfy the anti-israel left. giving land to the palestinians will not only not help us, it will make things catastrophic: we will then be pressured to given them jerusalem and to absorb millions of palestinians within the green line (ie to commit suicide)
29. Two State Solution
Ike ,   Chicago, USA   (03.20.15)
What the idiots in the White House don't understand is that while Israel would be hurt by a militant state on the west bank it will. survive. Jordan with its Syrian border and militant Palestinians most likely would not.
30. WH Staff had lots 2 say.Better wait 4 Senate+Congres opinion
Alan ,   SA   (03.31.15)
So O wants to punish WHOLE ISRAEL population because of Bibispeak? Now that is communal punishment..
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