Netanyahu: I do believe in two-state solution, but not now
Omer Benjakob
Published: 20.03.15, 16:46
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1. Netanyahu on a 2 state solution
Ben ,   Zichron   (03.20.15)
Does this paranoidal man ever tell the truth? The best U.S. policy now would be to let him dangle by giving support to the Palestinians and withdrawing the automatic veto. Perhaps that might bring the reality of the election result to the people.
2. would khalon prefer another election
zionist forever   (03.20.15)
If Khalon does not join the coalition with Netanyahu he could theoretically join a coalition of Labor, arabs, Meretz and Lapid form a coalition of 63 but I just can't see Khalon who is a nationalist and right winger at heart sitting in a coalition with arabs. If Khalon refuses to join Netanyahu that would only leave Labor as a potential coalition partner for Netanyahu but if they refuse he can't form a coalition but if Khalon won't sit with arabs and Likud refuse to join a Labor coalition the only alternative will be to hold a second election.
3. problem is Abbas wants a 1 state solution
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (03.21.15)
World leaders must wake up to the fact that Abbas & the PLO will not agree to any peace deal with Israel that will not lead to its destruction. It's in Abbas's best interest to continue the conflict & continue to receive billions in foreign aid. There are other solutions than just a 2 state solution forcing Israel to indefensible borders & a bi-national state. Solutions could include autonomy, a confederation with Jordan or an emirates status for the major palestinian cities. A final deal should be made by local clan leaders, not PLO & Hamas terrorists.
4. He has to say the "right" things to the right people as long
as he does the RIGHT THINGS by Israel! "Lying" in politics is a non-existing expression...Go Bibi!
5. boehner visit
Adler J   (03.21.15)
"The Israeli Protocol Office said the U.S did not coordinated the visit with the Israeli Administration or with President Rivlin. President Rivlin will be traveling to Asia. Also Israel Parliament speaker said that he will not be attending Boehner visit because he will be probably out of town... The elected Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said he declined to meet United States Congressman Boehner because it would be "innapropiate" his visit just two weeks after the Israeli Elections... The israel Secretary of State told the Washington lol , the PM Agenda is full also during april and may as well. Thank you for visiting Israel, and enjoy your vacations, shalom
6. 4 Making promises impossible to
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.21.15)
keep is not lying in politics, it is the way it goes in politics everywhere in the world,just as grease keeps wheels turning. If Bibi you stand for the TRUTH,be prepared to stand alone, however, if by chance you are SUPPORTED by your people, the sky is not the limit.
7. jews have no shame
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