Obama: We believe Netanyahu doesn't want a Palestinian state
Published: 22.03.15, 00:20
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1. guess the fairy lied when he said he would have israels back
brenrod   (03.22.15)
2. learning the hard way
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.22.15)
Many Israelis have forgotten what happened, in its time, to the immoral South African regime.
3. Is he for real?
What?!   (03.22.15)
'to make sure that we don't see a chaotic situation in the region' following PM's rejection of two-state solution".. What exactly are we witnessing in the ME now? Before BN's "retraction"? if not utter pandemonium. Israel has nothing to do with the region's stability or instability.
4. Your obsessive endorsement of Mr. O
Have a great day   (03.22.15)
is the reason you lost the election, and you are continuing to make the same mistake afterward. It seems to me that your pres. is Mr. B.O. Ours is Mr. B. Netnanyahu. We don't give a flying fig what BO says.
5. Dear Mr.Obama: Maybe now is the time
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv / israel   (03.22.15)
to change the whole concept.There is not place in the Land of Israel for a third Arab state after Jordan and Gaza.Maybe it will be very wise to integrate the Arabs partially in Jordan and Gaza.I assume you would have also not agre ed to build up a foreign state next to Washington.
Sir ,we in Israel ,including our Prime Minister Netanyahu do NOT want a palestinian state .I repeat we certainly do NOT want a Palestinian state ,not now ,not in the future ,never. Let there be no misunderstanding. President Obama is not the President of Israel ,which is a Jewish state. If you ,President Obama has a problem with all that,then too bad.
7. Israelis disappointed with Obama!
Jenny Bee ,   Los Angeles   (03.22.15)
They gave him a huge thumbs down by voting Netanyahu in. Few if any in Israel trust Obama - trouble is that so many US Jews are still prepared to drink his ideological cool-aid rather than see that he does not have Israel's interests at heart. He is petulant and parochial and knows how to backstab. Precisely his modus operandus - for everyone to see.
8. Israel/USA relations
I.keertipala ,   Sri Lanka   (03.22.15)
I am really concerned about the American Presidents sanity. What further chaos can the region decend to? If he thinks Iran can be negotiated with and trusted to keep their would be funny if it was not so tragic. It seems Islamic countries with their atrocious track records is a sacred cow the west doesn't want to touch...specially Obama.
9. Obama is an agitator
Rosie   (03.22.15)
He lies,lies and lies about everything. He hates Israel with passion. Why is he focused only on Israel...not on Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan and more. He mentions that Israel is a Jewish state ..., but he does not mention that there are more than 26 Islamic states that are racist and discriminate against anyone that is not Muslim. Obama is behaving in a very disgusting way towards Israel.
10. Time to wake up - PLO doesn't want a 2 state solution
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (03.22.15)
Abbas will never agree to a peace deal with Israel because it's in his interest to continue the conflict, so long as he receives billions in foreign aid. The US & EU should've cut aid immediately after he made a pact with Hamas terrorists. Israel cannot be expected to allow another terror state on its border
11. No kidding. The entire world is disappointed with Obama.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.22.15)
12. Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sinai, Lybia, all in chaos
CJK   (03.22.15)
obama should stop pontificating and start fixing problems he has caused. obama plans to sign a capitulation deal with the shia terror regime. the deal will allow iran to keep the essentials of its nuclear weapons program as well as its ballistic missile program. furthermore, iran will be allowed to continue to expand its hegemony in the region, its genocide in syria, and to export its terror world wide.
13. B.O Doesn't want a Democratic USA
Roland ,   london England   (03.22.15)
14. While we believe Obama doesn't want a Jewish state. It's all
out in the open now.
15. Yet he believes Abbas wants peace???
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (03.22.15)
16. Obama catches on fast when he wants to! :-))
17. To nr. 9.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (03.22.15)
Unfortunately there are at present more than 50 "islam" states.
18. Netanyahu
yossi   (03.22.15)
Bibi is a layer every one knows that. How can he support peace when he is supporting settlements. a none sense.
19. @ 7
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.22.15)
First and foremost American Jews are American Jews. They are not Israeli Jews. The leader of there country is President Obama, not President Bibi of Israel. The majority of American Jews have as much connection to Israel as an African American has a connection to Africa.
20. who is to be trusted ?
David Fakheri ,   L A USA   (03.22.15)
Mr. Obama: You don't believe Netanyahu while Israelis and the world's Jewry and at least 1/2 of the U S representatives and The Europe's free world countries who don't trust Islamic republic of Iran ( which you have ) don't believe in you. Tell us who is to be trusted so
21. Tell the truth and live with it!
Bill ,   Skokie U.S.A.   (03.23.15)
Finally Mr. Netanyahu tells the truth! Not about how he feels about a Palestinian state, but the truth about its feasibility. There is no way two states is ever going to work. However the Palestinian population cannot forever be denied their rights to self determination and the the basic freedoms that all people deserve. One State with equal rights is the only viable solution what should be negotiated is a Constitution! Its time for Jacob and Esau to share in the inheritance and live together as brothers building a strong extended family to be a light to the rest of the world. Stop working against each other and start working towards a common goal of being a nation of love, and brotherhood. The sooner this is drawn to its rightful and only conclusion the better.
22. To #18 Yussuf
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (03.23.15)
For over 3,000 years there have been jews living in this our God given land, if you read history king David conquered it back all for us. More recently we owned in 1948 etc... Settlers do not exist they are Citizens. They cannot be a settler in their own land.
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