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Dave Gahan in Israel for son's wedding
Ran Boker
Published: 22.03.15, 20:27
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1. leon gomez, free palestine? tell Jordan!
2. At least
Mr Psanter   (03.22.15)
No jackass posted a comment saying something like "She's jewish, he's not" this time.
3. Mr Psanter, what can one say but...
danLondon ,   London   (03.23.15)
'Enjoy the Silence' whilst it lasts!
4. #2
Jew   (03.23.15)
Thanks for bringing this up. Could you really verify that the guy is not Jewish?
5. i missed something? is he jewish? chupah?
jew ,   Europe   (03.23.15)
6. @2 they are both Jewish. she's Israeli he's not. :)
7. Hello!
DM1 ,   UK   (05.08.18)
Congrats To Jack and his new Wife! I'm a big Depeche mode fan....I would like to see a gig from DM at sunset!.

All the best.
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