Israelis haven't lost hope in peace, but are more prudent about process
Asaf Romirowsky
Published: 27.03.15, 00:37
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1. Demilitirized State Missile Shields Socioec
Zechariah   (03.27.15)
What Jews would support is a Demilitirized Palestian State in Half of Judea and Samariah and some of Islamic Israel.But the Future Demands Vast Land for Military Bases -Missile shields and Launching Silos for Deterrant Capacity in Judea and Samaria and the 1949 Armistance Borders .
2. Humanitarian Union needs Armed Battalions
Zechariah   (03.27.15)
So Dangerous is it for Jews Arabs and Internationals in the Holy Land Decades on that much has to be Militirized by the Best United Armed Forces Available .The other Islamic States have their armies and wild death cult gangs PyschoSuicidals are arming .In between Secured Megacities are possible .The Jewish -Gentile Divide is aTemporary Challange .
3. Yes Israelis want peace the Arabs don't.
Bob k ,   orlando fl usa   (03.27.15)
Nice change from YNET's usual anti-Likud propaganda. A mostly good assessment but it leaves out the critical factor of foreign involvement mainly US, EU. and Russia. Our conflict with Arabs who want us destroyed is made worse by outsiders who place very little value on Israel's security and maximum emphasis on creating a Palestinian state west of the Jordan in addition to the Kingdom of Jordan which is mainly Palestinian and created from British Palestine. Over the past 50 years many millions of people have been killed in wars, mainly in Africa, while the world obsessed about the Palestinians. This reflects an inhumane disregard of black African lives and a warped obsession with satisfying Arabs who hate Israel. Today Iran-backed Islamic terrorists seized Aden and the Saudis launched airstrikes against them. No-one can predict the region even next week. Israelis realize this, others don't care.
4. Enough With Concessions
Ted ,   TA /USA   (03.27.15)
Been there, done that. NO more! Palestinian territorial claims are fiction. Lies is the accurate wording. The land they claim was captured from Jordan. Is everybody going to play stupid forever?
5. Israel wants peace, the Arabs want Israel
CJK   (03.27.15)
israel will never agree to dismantle herself. after two thousand years of exile, dispersion, expulsion, inquisition, genocide and the shoa, the jewish people liberated their homeland from foreign occupiers and has reestablished the jewish state of israel. the reestablishment of the jewish state of israel was a miracle and was achieved with the blood of young jewish men and women who fought for the honour of zion.
6. peace process
Ben ,   Berlin, Germany   (03.27.15)
A coalition with Bennet and Lieberman will never concede land for peace. They are of the opinion that large parts of the Westbank belong to Israel. I can not understand that this is not mentioned in the articles.
7. really?
rm ,   amsterdam NL   (03.27.15)
In 99% of the cases Israel will choose land before peace. That's just a fact. It has such a big edge over the palestinians...they are a mere nuissance...nothing more. And every Israeli government is ready to accept ' a little' terror rather than dealing with the real problem.....the settlers.
8. This is our land! Stop talking about "security"!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.27.15)
Security is important. However, security is not the reason Israel is building in Judea and Samaria. Judea and Samaria belong to Jews. Judea and Samaria have belonged to Jews for more than 4,000 years. We are here because this is our land! Stop talking about "security"! Following the defeat and exile of the PLO, Israel was within a millimetre of permanent total peace. Till Peres and the Labor idiots brought the PLO back to life with Oslo. Peace can come by letting the terrorist P.A. fall and claiming our land.
9. #6, that statement is simply not true
Danny   (03.27.15)
Lieberman platform was always dividing up the land, preferably with the Triangle ending up in Palestine
10. #7, this statement is simply untrue
Danny   (03.27.15)
Israel has pulled out of land in Sinai - twice - bits of the Golan, south Lebanon - twice - and Gaza. The only sort of peace it got was Egypt
11. I'm always amazed at what the jews say.
Reality   (03.27.15)
It is as if they really believe the lies they are saying. A nation brainwashed into believing that they can do no wrong and the rest of the world is wrong.
12. 2 state "solution" is delusional
David ,   New york   (03.27.15)
As if arafat's and abbas's "rejectionism" is just some unfortunate sidetrack The guy who wrote this article clearly is clueless about what a Palestinian state is all about: displacing the Jews and ultimately destroying Israel. Arafat and Abbas are not accidents. They teach their school children everyday that they will "liberate" tel aviv and Haifa. I believe them. They need to be under the thumb of Israel to keep them from getting too powerful and dangerous
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