Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
The US dropped the ball on Yemen
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 26.03.15, 13:38
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1. wtf
bubbs mcgee ,   st Louis, mo   (03.26.15)
If it is so important for Israel, than why Don't they do some thing about it and stop blaming Iran for every problem. This article is obviously and grossly biased. Send in your military to act or stop whining!
2. Ron is wrong all around, Obama does this on purpose
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.26.15)
He doesn't want to upset Iran in nuclear negotiations.
3. wake up and smell the coffee
UR   (03.26.15)
Look, I'm sorry, but good morning! The US and all world supposed leaders and world media, all, dropped the ball. The reason: obsessive preoccupation with what Israel does - last summer, I was watching ISIS's progress throughout the region while every one else, it seems, looked at Gaza fighting a completely avoidable war was which only Hamas wanted. There seemed to be marked coincidence, on the one hand, of ISIS's territorial advance, progressing at what I considered a totally alarming rate and, on the other hand, Hamas provoking this completely pointless and avoidable war, with no appreciable gain for Hamas other than further denomination of Israel (which, since Lebanon 2006 at least, has been on steroids anyway so, to repeat, no appreciable gain). The coincidence was so stark that I thought Hamas contribution to the Islamist project is to offer a huge big distraction so as to enable ISIS to have its way with the region. And it did so while the US president, EU leaders, the UN, a never-ending list of commissions of enquiry were all focused on Israel's use of air power; or, forwarding to the more recent events, whether or not Bibi exercises his vocal chords in Congress.
4. usually agree w/ Ron, but this time I think he's overstated
Rafi ,   US   (03.26.15)
... the Iran threat @ Bab al-Mandab. Let's see Iran try to actively block those straits. How far will they really get?
5. The Arab and Moslem world ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
... has been an absolute mess since Obama took office. He is either following a dastardly personal agenda, or he is an absolute incompetent who should be removed from office. Clearly, he takes his marching orders from Teheran. That's treason, grounds for impeachment, trial and execution. The last treason trial in the United States occurred in 1803 -- Aaron Burr. Should be interesting to watch the United States Supreme Court serve as a trial court.
6. American failure?
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.26.15)
Do we have to be the policeman of the world. Why does every country in the world want our soldiers to die and to deplete our treasure. Obama is doing the right thing. He is staying out of the cesspools of the middle east as much as he can. War is expensive and blood is priceless.
7. "so as to not upset Iran."
Stephen in New York   (03.26.15)
That says it all.
8. Obama's clever idiocy
Karen Levin ,   Delray Beach, FL USA   (03.26.15)
U.S. foreign policy is bedraggled - Overseen by 20th century Keystone Cops. Every move Obama makes is to secure is legacy: Two-State Solution and Iranian Partnership. The first legacy dooms Israel; the second would secure the safety of the U.S. He is a menace to all things Jewish, and a silver-tongued wolf in black clothing.
9. #5 Sarah B: seek appropriate help ASAP. #6 is correct
Rafi ,   US   (03.26.15)
#5: get off your obsession with blaming Obama for every cloud in the sky. Turmoil in the Arab world has ZERO involvement with Obama. Exactly what is he or the US supposed to do about it? Meanwhile I suggest forward-thinking Iranians evacuate their air or naval bases if Iran actually plans to block Bab el-Mandab Straits - an international shipping lane. Here too, ZERO chance of success.
10. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
I think you are missing the point. The United States controls trillions of dollars in Iranian assets which have been frozen since 1979. Also at stake are crippling sanctions which are the only reason that Iran agreed to these useless negotiations to begin with. Were it up to Obama, he would end the sanctions; he has already -- ILLEGALLY -- reduced some of them. That's not the province of the executive; these are statutory and only the Congress can reduce sanctions or unfreeze assets. The Supreme Court has already upheld the sanctions and upheld the right of the Congress to freeze Iranian assets. Most of the world thinks that Iran should not be allowed to become a nuclear power. No one believes Iran's assertion that nuclear power is for exclusively for peaceful purposes. They do not need to enrich to the degree they are demanding simply to produce electricity and medical isotopes. The United States should have dropped Europe, Russia, China and Latin America like a bad habit long ago.
11. To: UR at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
Excellent post. I especially enjoyed the last paragraph. I had thought that Hamas was engaging with Israel in order to raise funds. The method has always worked in the past, countries fall all over themselves to provide Hamas with ever-increasing sums of money. It hasn't worked this time ($5.4 billion pledged, next to nothing actually paid). But you raise a very interesting point. Hamas does not care about its civilians -- could that have been part of the plan? Urge people to take shelter in United Nations facilities, knowing full well that if missiles and mortars were fired from there, those UN facilities instantly became legitimate military targets? War criminals and guilty of crimes against humanity, in one fell swoop. Cute.
12. It's Iran's fault again ;) ,...
split   (03.26.15)
They're taking the side of rightfully elected government not the planted puppets ... Warmongering is your trademark, of course you would fight to the last US soldier ,... By the way Egypt is taking care of secure pass thru the Golf of Eden so there's no need for US to get involved and tangled in another skirmish as the world cop ,...
13. The ball was dropped on purpose.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.26.15)
Does anyone really think the USA, led by Obama, 'dropped the ball' with Yemen? If so, then maybe they think they also 'dropped the ball' on Egypt? And with Syria? And with Libya? Those kind of mistakes don't 'just' happen. This is the Obama plan for Muslim psychopath conquest. Ignore the sane (but nasty) leaders and allow the insane (and really nasty) Muslim militias to take control. With Yemen under control of psychopaths, Saudi Arabia is next to fall- and with its oil output halted, world markets will collapse and countries will fight to regain that oil. The Mideast will be on fire. This is the legacy of the American president. Maybe we can depend on Putin to send in the Russian army and air force to put some order back in these lost Muslim countries. The USA is like Nero - watching (and allowing) the world go up in flames. And then the UN has the gall to announce that it again finds Issues with Israel's behavior!!!!
14. American policy; zookeeper which open the cage's gates
Avram Goldsmith ,   Canada   (03.26.15)
God forbit for Israel te rely on policy of this administration, total idiocracy .
15. the "a new beginning" man
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (03.26.15)
Another big mistake from Obama, Kerry,... about how to handle the real problems in the Middle East. Too much focused on Iran, on his efforts to destabilize the elections in Israel, makng always wrong decisions about Sunni regimes, who were USA allies. His "A new beginning" politics and his creation of a fifth column in Israel are his greatest achievements!
16. What ball?! They have no idea there's a game going on!
17. Where are the connections with the "50 year Occupation"?
Moshe the Genuine   (03.26.15)
18. US National Security Council
C   (03.26.15)
the present us national security council is filled with liars, incompetents, narcissists and sychophants. there is not a single serious person there.
19. Did we drop the ball on Yemen?
Cameron ,   USA   (03.26.15)
Is it honestly within our power or means to prevent Sunni & Shiite portions of these lands from finally going after eachother with the knife?
20. Yes . . .
Mike ,   RKDH   (03.27.15)
As always, the Yanks have dropped the ball . .. only this time they have dropped it on their own feet ! RKDH
21. #5 Dear Sarah
Harri ,   EU   (03.27.15)
Arab world has been an absolute mess since GWB messed them up in Iraq and Afghanistan, and when Bibi messed them up behind the borders of Israel. You are heading in a total quagmire, unless you find your way out of your military "solutions" to your social problems. You better find another way.
22. To: No. 21 - Part 1 of 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.27.15)
Do you know how ridiculous it is for a European to lecture a Jew about finding "solutions?" Do you have a clue as to how offensive it is, given Europe's history? Point: The Jewish people are indigenous to Israel. We would never have left our homeland were it not for the Romans -- more Europeans -- expelling us. All we have done is come home, to OUR land, because the rest of the world treated us very poorly for 2,000 years -- ESPECIALLY in Europe. Point. We have never stopped dreaming about Jerusalem. There is no mention of Jerusalem in the Qu'uran. There are barely a handful of mentions of Jerusalem in the New Testament. Once the Europeans started sailing around the world and colonizing native peoples everywhere and stealing their lands, everyone pretty much forgot about Jerusalem. Except the Jews, of course. We have never stopped dreaming of Jerusalem and praying that it be restored to us. And it has. Point. The ersatz "palestinians" have no right, title or claim to any part of Israel or Palestine. They come from the Hejaz in the Western Arabian desert. Under their "stewardship," the land was allowed to melt into the desert in the south and malarial swamps in the north. Did the "palestinians" do anything about it? No. Did the Jews? Oh yes. We did. Point. Despite everything horrible the ersatz "palestinians" threw at us -- and there was plenty -- the Jewish people persisted, and thrived. We drained the swamps. We pushed back the desert. We built schools, libraries, businesses, parks and turned our little piece of land into a blooming garden. Once oil was discovered in Mesopotamia, the British -- MORE Europeans -- started forcing more and more Arabs into our tiny country. They did not want to share. They wanted ALL of the fruits of Jewish sweat equity. Leeches is what they were, and are.
23. To: No. 21 - Part 2 of 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.27.15)
Point. The Jewish people were willing to share our tiny place (wasn't supposed to be so tiny, except that the British -- again, Europeans -- decided to lop off 77 percent of the land belonging to the Jews in order to appease the baby brother, Abdullah, of Feisal, whom the British had just made the "king" of newly-invented Iraq. Abdullah wanted to be a king, too. Welcome now, the illegitimate "Kingdom of the Trans-Jordan." Present-day Jordan. As illegal a country as can possibly be imagined, created at the expense of the Jews. Point. A tiny handful of poorly armed Jews managed to throw the British out of Palestine. We were prepared to share. The Jews voted for partition. The invading Arab interlopers voted against, and chose to go to war instead. They lost. We don't owe the Arabs anything except a swift kick in the pants. Point. The Arabs engaged Israel in five additional major wars, and countless smaller ones. They lost them all. You may have forgotten this, Harri, but to the victor -- that would be the Jews -- belongs the spoil, in this case, Israel, Judea and Samaria. Especially since the Arabs were the aggressors on each and every occasion. There are, after all, consequences to waging wars of aggression and losing. Territorial losses and massive population transfers are part and parcel of those consequences. They are not pleasant but, then again, they are not designed to reward violent aggressors and terrorists. Just ask Germany. Just ask Italy. Just ask Japan. Point. Israel is not the world's crash test dummy. Sorry. If you want to test drive reversing the rules, how about granting the Sami people a land of their own? The Basque. The Savoyards. The Bretonnais. Why do the European people continue to deny them their basic human rights? Why do the European refuse to recognize their LEGITIMATE national aspirations? Point. Buzz off. If you love the "palestinians" that much, give them a home in Europe. Otherwise -- the time when the Europeans -- or anyone else -- could dictate to the Jews how to conduct themselves is long over. Deal with it. The day of the Europeans -- or anyone else -- dictating to Israel what it should do are equally long over. Especially the Europeans. In view of the fact that Europe is really nothing more than one giant Jewish cemetery, I think we're pretty comfortable telling the Europeans to mind their own business. If you want to play territorial games with European soil -- go right ahead. But your rights begin and end in Europe. You long ago lost the right to tell the Jewish people and the Jewish State what to do. You do not own us; you do not control us; you CERTAINLY have no business telling us what to do. Do whatever you want, as long as it does not involve the Jewish State and the Jewish people. If you want a "palestinian" state that badly, forfeit some of YOUR land. Your days of telling the Jewish people what to do are over. OVER. Final point. It is time for Europe to vote with its feet. You want a "palestinian" state? Fine. Create it in Europe. We're done with Europe and the Europeans, do you understand? A more destructive, land-thieving, genocidal people have never existed. Clean your house before worrying about mine.
24. Dear Sarah
Harri ,   EU   (03.27.15)
You must know that the Palestinians are as much Jews as you are, maybe more (according to Hebrew University researchers). They have more Jewish genes than most of the immigrants who try to force them out from their ancestors land.
25. Sarah @ 22 ,...
split   (03.28.15)
"The Jewish people are indigenous to Palestine' ,... Obviously, you look like the natives, you talk like them, you dress like them, you eat like them, you sing like them, you dance like them, you ... those damn Arabs just don't get it that this land belongs to you ;) ,... So, where [except in your fairy tales] is there any proof of your 4000 years of dwelling there and why there's no mention in neighboring nations historical records of any pale faced, grey eyed, loud mouth neighbors after all they didn't ignore their black slaves in their reliefs, mosaics and frescoes why would they ignore your tribe the light unto the nations, leaders like Moses, those Hebrew mighty kings like David or Solomon or events like exodus? What an affront for the chosen ones by the Creator himself ,...
26. See that, Harri
Cameron ,   USA   (03.27.15)
You rode into the desert, shot yer mouth off, and brought the dragon out of her cave. Woe to you, son.
27. To: No. 25
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.15)
Was Jesus Jewish? Hmm? Did he even exist? The Jews have an extraordinary amount of written record and archaeological history to confirm that our right, title and claim to our land. Where is the proof that Jesus ever existed? Oh, your babcha is so going to totally hate the answer ....
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