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Anonymous vows 'Electronic Holocaust' against Israel
Ran Rimon, Elior Levy
Published: 29.03.15, 23:56
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1. Anonymous vs. Israel
Karen Levin ,   Delray Beach, FL USA   (03.30.15)
As a Miami Occupier, I have watched Anonymous "grow" from inception. Recently I was contacted to respond to the following question from Anonymous: WHY WERE FOLLOWERS DROPPING OFF? I responded that the group had gone from mainstream causes to bashing Israel - to my dismay. The response was overwhelmingly anti-semitic. Case Closed For Me.
2. Israel can shutdown these cowards in 5 seconds
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (03.30.15)
3. Anonymous is not a group
Music   (03.30.15)
Anyone can describe themselves as anonymous, there is no group with that name. It's amazing how people don't understand this.
4. But the same people who purport to sympathise with Pallies
JtC ,   Nir Eliyahu / Jhb   (03.30.15)
End up backtracking on their monetary pledges to help the poor Gazans when push comes to shove... So what does that REALLY tell you about their motives??
5. Anonymous
George Schmitt ,   Phoenix, Az.   (03.30.15)
How about Indiana next!
6. Mossad will blow up their computers into their Jihad faces.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.30.15)
7. Anoymous is so passe
Benji ,   US   (03.30.15)
Some unemployed guy sitting in front of a computer with a stupid mask begging for attention. Yawn.........
8. Anonymous...?
Anonymous ,   T.A.   (03.30.15)
No damage done but infinitely repeating the 'success' of previous cyber attacks - the video is obviously not from Anonymous but from some copy cat Hamas IT monkeys.
9. Pity little masked hiding men.
10. #6 lol
dan   (03.31.15)
lol lol lol
11. Dear Alelliya Fathma Najihati
Ginger in Turkey ,   Istanbul   (03.30.15)
In all the Israeli-Arab wars since 1948 less than 75,000 people have been killed on both sides. This includes all Arabs and not just Palestinians. Now compare that to Turkish and Kurdish with more than 40,000 killed since the 1980s. More dead in less time and the fight is still going on. 200,000 killed in 5 years in Syria. How many people have you dear Sindonesians killed? Sindonesia murdered over 200,000 in East Timor. You Sindonesians are genocidal maniacs.
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