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Chaim Topol wins Israel Prize for lifetime achievement
Published: 31.03.15, 23:18
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1. Chaim Topol
Marian Hauge ,   Tacoma, Wa USA   (04.01.15)
I wish you had included a mention about his role in "Left Luggage". It is one of my favourites along with "Fiddler on the Roof.
2. The women at the pharmacy I worked at in 1971-72 were all in
Rivkah   (04.01.15)
love with Topol. Fiddler On The Roof was a favorite movie as was Dr. Zhivago. The world needs more great movies like those.
3. Salah Shabati made our aliyah much easier!!
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (04.01.15)
A classic and a jewel. Also impressed by watching Topol's last tour of "Fiddler on the Roof" and at his 70 years old, still dancing as he did decades ago!! Well deserved price to Topol for all his history making acomplishments!!!
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