Obama: Netanyahu has not offered alternative to Iran deal
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.04.15, 09:00
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1. Unworkable
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (04.12.15)
Netanyahu's alternative is unworkable, and would be laughed out of the room by not just Iran, but the rest of the P5+1. Netanyahu does not even include a mutual recognition on a equal basis.
2. Alternative: Bomb their facilities NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reality   (04.12.15)
That is the ONLY way to stop Iran.
3. He Is Right!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (04.12.15)
Bibi blurts out worthless mouth farts without providing an alternative. He is the type of leader that talks and talks, but say's nothing. Bibi is as significant as a BREAST on a bull. All the smack he talked about Iran was for election purposes to divert attention from the economic issues in Israel and it worked. Israeli's complain about housing, high cost of basic goods, fuel, low salaries and outrageous taxes, but they keep electing the same clowns over and over knowing there will be no change, but they know Bibi is a strong leader that can stand up to Obama verbally, even though there biggest threat is Hezbollah funded by Iran is massing tens of thousands of missiles to wreak havoc on Israel while BIBI does nothing but talk worthless smack.
4. Now Mr.Obama is adding insult to injury. Serves us well!
This is what happens when you present yourself as an undecided weakling and I don't mean vis a vis Iranians: I refer to our total helplessness in the face of our local, hostile Arab usurpers to the Land of Israel! We sacrifice people in Sderot, we sacrifice people in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I'd behave similarly if I was an Iranian ayatollah.....! If we cannot handle Gaza, how on earth do we expect our elected impotents to face nuclear Iran?
5. And noone offered an alternative to TheFinal Solution either
Andy ,   TLV   (04.12.15)
Its an interesting game that Obama likes to play with the lives of so many good decent people! But if Obama is looking for a friendly alternative solution to a country that constantly implores the destruction of Israel, America and Western Civilization as we know it, then he has another think coming in the not so distant future.
6. PM Netanyahu did give alternative solution
Yardena   (04.12.15)
this is what he said to Congress "I proposed a practical alternative that through tougher restrictions would extend the breakout time, by years, that it would take Iran to reach a nuclear weapon if it decides to breach the agreement," the Israeli prime minister said. He said his proposal would also maintain restrictions until Tehran stops "its sponsorship of terrorism around the world, its aggression against its neighbors and its calls for Israel's destruction." Obama it seems has a listening problem he only hears himself!
7. Cutting the Enemy Some Slack
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (04.12.15)
We all heard what the Ayatollah has to say about lifting sanctions and how Iran's proxy made ground at the strategic Babel Mandeb position while the negotiations where taking place. If taking a bet that Iran doesn't have strategic nuclear ambitions and will co-operate fully as it is only developing a civilian use infrastructure than this bet and deal should be walked away from immediately and other options sought. Does Barack Obama have a personnel agenda?
8. #2 - Lead the charge!
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (04.12.15)
If you want war so badly, then fly the lead aircraft. BTW - What do you think will happen the morning after your little adventure? Have you ever stopped to think about how many Israelis will die because of your war? Obama is very correct that bombing Iran will NOT solve the problem, but just make things much worse for Israel.
9. Obama, there is no deal
c   (04.12.15)
no one signed anything, hence there is no deal, a fact that the shia terror regime has stated publicly. obama had declared during the 2008 presidential campaign that he would negotiate with enemies without pre-conditions. only fools would negotiate with enemies without pre-conditions and expect positive results. thus far, the flim flam deal will allow the shia terror regime to retain the essentials of its nuclear weapons program, keep enriching, keep doing r&d on weaponisation and centrifuges, nuclear triggers and implosion devices, and keep building ballistic missiles. the shia terror regime has also received permission from obama to continue to incite to the genocide of israel since otherwise the regime would have to change. a no deal is a better alternative than obama's flim flam deal. of course, obama, whose close advisor had called netanyahu "chickensh*t," would never have the courage to do the right thing and tell the shia terror regime that they either dismantle their nuclear sites or else fact the music, that is, a long but targeted bombing that would leave them begging for mercy. the genocidal totalitarian shia terror regime is not one with which civilised people negotiate. it is a regime that needs to be told to wise up, with many guns pointed at it.
10. To nr. 2.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (04.12.15)
Yes, bomb their facilities and destroy the evil, bad, dictatorial and criminal "islam" regime in "islam" Tehran. As long as it will exist, it is a threat and danger to the own people, to Israel and to the rest of the present, entire human world-population.
11. alternative
mark   (04.12.15)
The alternative is what ehud barak said and not what olmert's buddies diskin and dagan and more recently hapless buji said.......rely totally on the US Barak said negotiate fairly with teeth of inspection or else. OBAMA doesn't want to waive or else cause he is at the root a moslem symapthizer and there is no getting around that. CHRISTIAN CHURCHGOING is a figleaf. Why else would he bow to the king of saudi and be buddies with erdogan. Bibi doesn't have the guts to con front obama but neither does kahalon, buji and livni and lapid. This is the greatest danger to israel-its lack of resolve. Since 2002 and operation defensive shield, the peope have been protecting the soldiers who go in whether lebanon or gaza and have lawyers restricting their actions, with the idf not fighting at all at its potential and not fighting dirty which is the only way to fight in the middle east. Fighting proportionally or to pleasee obama and the EU is the death of israel.
12. The Worlds Biggest Chump Is In Denial
Leaving Nuclear Weapons Infrastructure in place, This Is How You Stop isslimic EXTREMISM Theocracy from obtaining Nuclear Weapons??? Prime Minister Netenyahu has given alternatives. But the Inept Lame Duck can't bring himself to Explore these alternatives. His narcissistic view on the world is FLAWED, this is his problem!!!
13. #8 wannabe spy I Think tehran Is A Bloated
House of Hot Air!!! If the Jihadist Theocracy was as tough as you say, why is syria almost Lost, western iraq is in daesh's hands. The new Saudi led army is kicking the houthi's ass's. Meanwhile, dead soldiers from tehran are in syria, golan and just two al-quds soldiers were apprehended in yemen. Where is all of tehran's new and improved weapons, drones, submarines and the Like??? Hey wannabe spy "tehran" Is Full Of Hudda, JUST LIKE YOU!!! Go find a persian website to spew your vile views!!!
14. #6 - HOW?
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (04.12.15)
Any restrictions on Iran must be agreeable to Iran AND to the rest of the world. Iran is NOT going to simply capitulate to the USA and Israel. The BASIC REALITY is the rest of the world agrees more with Iran than the USA or Israel, so if the USA tries to put more restrictions on Iran, the rest of the world will just ignore the USA. NOTE that all the possible restrictions the USA could put directly on Iran were put in place in 1979. There are no further direct restrictions the USA can do to Iran and if third-parties disagree with the USA, they will NOT put any restrictions on Iran. So please answer exactly what does Bibi propose that is actually viable?
15. #7 - what other options?
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (04.12.15)
There is a whole lot of talk from Israel and parts of the USA about "other options," BUT not a single person has been able to describe what these options are that will actually work in the real world.
16. Israel offers no alternative
MartinArcher ,   USA   (04.12.15)
The President says Israel offer no alternative. Is he deaf? Israel says lift the sanctions when Iran agrees to no nukes and unlimited inspections.
17. #2 - Sarah B
Have you mentioned a single word about the Israeli nuclear arsenal. Try to write few words about it.
18. Of course
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (04.12.15)
Of course he hasn't provided an alternative suggestion. He doesn't have one. That's how the Likud party and Bibi work. They went through the entire election campaign without a manifesto. They NEVER provide constructive positive suggestions. All they know how to do is shout at and deride the opposition.
19. Obamas FOUL deal is already DEAD !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.12.15)
Israels Barak just explained, that an ATTACK on Irans nuke plants isn't difficult at just needs to be done...NOW !!!!!!!!!! That would be MY plan...
20. Geeeezus. Anyone would think that
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (04.12.15)
P-rezidented Stompy Foots is/was angry at PM Netanyahu and Israel and concerned about the threat that they pose rather than the Mullajeros who have flooded the area with gangbangers of the Daesh type. Poor Bama. Cant get the good guys from the bad guys. Hint: Wacko head choppers bad. Jooos good. Except for Jstreetwalkers.
21. Obama & Netanyahu
Sam Tayar ,   Canada   (04.12.15)
To 1: Netanyahu's alternative is unworkable, and would be laughed out of the room by not just Iran, but the rest of the P5+1. Does that make it wrong? The right is unworkable & the wrong is bad. Now what?
22. # 17 re: # 2 That wasn't Sarah do your own homework
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (04.13.15)
Your lazy, nameless, and gutless.
23. Yes Bibi DID outline another idea
but, you refused to listen to him and then, add insult to injury, claimed to have read his speech which he outlines fully what you now claim didn't exist. Shameful liar obama the king of denial. MORE BUILDING !!!! IGNORE obama, EVERYONE ELSE DOES.!!!
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