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'I pretended to be German to survive the Holocaust'
Smadar Shir
Published: 12.04.15, 14:21
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1. hard for us to understand
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (04.12.15)
We, who grew up free, have difficulty understanding the terrible times of the holocaust and the horrors that all the victims of Hitler's racist mentality caused not just us Jews but also the non Jewish world also. It may be easy to criticize a person like Mr. Perel since we did not live there at that time but we should only listen to the lessons of what racism and anti-semitism can do to people - think today: Islam.
2.  This story has nothing to be proud of
ky   (04.12.15)
in 1940 my father volunteered for the RAF. He had plan to take a plane and kill Hitler in Berlin. He would have tried it but was rejected as a pilot due to not meeting the height requirement. Instead he was forced to serve as an infantryman in The British Army. He captured an SS colonel in Belgium and knocked the living hell out of him. That is something to be proud of . Any Jew had a duty to fight Nazism not get close to the monster responsible for the murder of millions and just look him in the face.
3. Yishuv also Failed in the Matter of killing the Nazis .
Zechariah   (04.12.15)
Though Israel is a Miracle Land the Yishuv also failed with World Jewry Organized Targetted Killings of top Nazis from 1932 -1941 .All the Ghetto revolts were too late and the Jews had few weapons some had the will and capacity . Pictures of the Feuhrer in open cars triumphing in Germany Austria Czechoslovakia and Poland abound . Now the Islamics are Fronts for Neonazi Sympathy for the Genocide of the Jews . Only a Israel with Immense Military Defensive and Detrrant Capacity Provides Justice for the Shoah .
4. This was a story of survival - not military victory
Max ,   Los angeles USA   (04.13.15)
Don't be so judgemental about Shlomo Perel's experiences - unlike your father, Mr Perel was just a child and an escapee from the Lodz Ghetto. His priority was to survive - which he was able to do by disguising himself as an ethnic german and being taken into the Hitler Youth. Mr Perel has described the mental and psychological terror he experienced, living in fear of being discovered living right under the Nazi's noses. It would be totally unfair to expect him to have tried to assassinate Hitler himself, and it may not have stopped the Holocaust . By that time, the mass exterminations had gone too far to allow survivors to reveal the Nazi regime's crimes - the SS would have shifted their priority to killing the remaining concentration camp occupants and then destroying the entire camps to hide the evidence from the victorious allied armies. Look at this way, Mr Perel's role was to stay alive and to tell his tale to the world - and in this, he has fulfilled his obligation.
LARRY ,   United States   (04.12.15)
you speak of your father.have you served in the military? my entire familyserved in WW2 airborne , navy , myself 22 years us army. all of my people are Jews.ask yourself why allied POW'S never just crushed the gates of there pow camps thousands agenst a few hundred guards. it is easy to judge when you have never walked in there shoes .
6. So, just like today's Jews of Europe: pretending so they'll
be "loved" by the gentiles. USA is on it's way to get "there" and it is happening with a snow-ball effect!
7. He fought with the Hagana, that's pride!
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (04.12.15)
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