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Hundreds turn out for funeral of childless Holocaust survivor
Liron Nagler-Cohen
Published: 13.04.15, 21:01
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1. Well done Sarit !
ky   (04.15.15)
The effects of what these monsters done to children still echoes down the ages. There are those who say that its all history and over and done with but it is not, by a long stretch.
2. May her memory be for a blessing
ayatollah ghilmeini ,   usa   (04.17.15)
I am so proud of Israel at this moment reading this article. In this one small moment in the lives of all the Jewish people, a small act of kindness redeems the entire world. What is the evil in this world against such good? It is nothing. I will never forget this story.
3. May Ha Shem Meet This Beautiful Women
At the pearly gates, and may she rest in peace, for all she saw and lived through! Baruch/ Hashem
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