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Report shows surge in violent anti-Semitic incidents in 2014
Itay Blumental
Published: 15.04.15, 15:09
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1. Who defines "antisemitism"? To some trivia matters are anti
James   (04.15.15)
antisemitic. The use of the world holocaust is now antisemitic if it used describe a horrible, tragic event other the WWII holocaust. There is a vested interest in projecting the victim card..
2. Henri Untinen, FB
K   (04.15.15)
jew hatred in europe dates back to roman times. it has been especially promulgated by the christian churches. the holocaust was perpetrated by europeans. in today's europe, there are neo-nazi parties, including hungary's jobbic party. the muslims in europe do commit most of the physical attacks against jews, but the authorities enable them. many governments in europe are pro-muslim. you are an apologist for jew haters.
3. Anti-semitism in the USA is about to ignite with ISIS
Rivkah   (04.15.15)
crossing the borders to attack when signaled to, and ISIS training camps in northern Mexico along the Texas and New Mexico borders simulating beheadings. Time to get a concealed carry permit and be armed at all times. Even many of the many millions of Muslim women in the US and 30 million Muslims in Europe are prepping for attacks. The USA has been at war with Muslims since 1801 when President Thomas Jefferson sent the US Navy to fight Muslim pirates from Tripoli (Libya). What idiots let Muslims migrate to the USA and Europe? Charles Martel defended Europe successfully against the Muslim hordes long ago but somehow that was forgotten and Europe allowed Muslims to migrate there.
4. No 2 Pro Muslim Governments
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (04.15.15)
Really! Most Govts in the larger W European Nations can not be described as Pro Muslim Legislation against Hijabs, Veils, Halal, Scrutiny of Muslims under an array of new anti terrorist legislation Yes Hungary, maybe Greece and a few other failed States may be falling to Islamofascist agenda, but the body politic in most of W Europe is Islamophobic because that is how the electorate feels. Much of today's anti semitism comes from the Islamic community and their far left friends. They are the ones who organise the anti Israel demos, and little public sympathy comes their way
5. in 2014 Jews were murdered in the USA, y r they left out?
6. Since when is Europe "the world"?
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (04.16.15)
I ask because the opening paragraph of the item says "Jewish communities around the world faced..." ...and then the entire item is Euro-Centric. Are we sure there were no anti-Semitic attacks in Latin America? (for example the murder of Alberto Nisman in Argentina) Are we sure there were no anti-Semitic attacks in the United States? (for example the murder of the Jewish fellow on his way to Shul in Florida) What about in the Ukraine? Russia? Africa? Who's interests does this article serve? Are we saying that the Shoa and Antisemitism can only happen in Europe?
7. This is why Jews MUST be given carry permits.
Mighty Jew Young ,   America is beautiful   (04.18.15)
anti-semitism stops at the defended Jew. They only go after defenseless Jews so NO JEW SHOULD GO UNDEFENDED. Save a Jew by arming a Jew!
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