Netanyahu and Bennett meet for coalition negotiations after two week lull
Moran Azulay
Published: 17.04.15, 13:20
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1. Naftali Bennett ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.17.15)
... should get the Defense Ministry portfolio. Kahlon should get the Finance Ministry. Avigdor Lieberman should remain Foreign Minister. Give the religious parties domestic duties, or make them ministers without portfolios. And forget Lapid, even he will eventually come running to Prime Minister Netanyahu. He is not in the least bit interested in sitting with the opposition. He wants attention. But he gets jack, which is about what he contributes.
2. all these nebbish care for themselves, not the country
C   (04.17.15)
netanyahu should remind them that likud, zu, plus kulanu, have over sixty seats. why bother with your "natural" enemies when you can have your real enemies.
3. the 34th Knesset is vowed to failure
Non Jewish immigrant ,   haifa   (04.17.15)
big time!
4. 1 Sarah USA/Israel
CJK   (04.17.15)
i seriously doubt that netanyahu would take away the defence portfolio from ya'alon or likud. bennet is smart, but he is too greedy and talks too much.
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