Herzog reiterates intention to head to opposition
Moran Azulay, Atilla Somfalvi
Published: 18.04.15, 13:19
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1. Security not Settlements .
Zechariah   (04.18.15)
The Jewish Religious Zionist ought concentrate on Security the Social Gap and Ethical Values for this term which will be maybe two years .The Maximum area of leaving Judea and Samaria ought not be 50% a Fallow area of 25% Internationally Miltirized is a possible idea with 3000SqKm of Islamic Israel swapped to the Palestinians . The Promised IDF USA Missile Shield ought be expanded and with greater Deterrant Capacity.
2. prepare for one of the shortest governments in history
zionist forever   (04.19.15)
A nationalist government made up of Likud & little parties doesn't have a hope of surviviung much more than 1 year and Netanyahu will be a lame duck from the start because the little parties will be dictating termsbecause they know they can making it impossible for him to get anything done. Pretty soon at least 1 party will pull out and when that happens the coalition will fall because of its size and make up so we will have an election
3. The people of Israel have spoken
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.19.15)
It appears that they WANT a right-wing government. Herzog and Livni are begging to be part of a unity government. And Prime Minister Netanyahu is spitting in their faces. As well he should. Herzog doesn't have a "word." And Livni lies like a rug. No room for them in the government of the State of Israel. Ultimately, the people of Israel have the last word. The results of the election could not possibly be more clear. There is no room for Herzog and Livni, and their ilk, in the future of the State of Israel.
connie mack ,   camden   (04.19.15)
The opposition parties in Israel have no right to sit silently with folded arms tendering aid to our nation's enemies who religiously and adamantly insist that the Obama - Iran treaty is good, safe and desirable for Israel. They should not tell the foreign press and legislators that the Obama policy is safe and sound. It is neither safe nor sound. Would they do the same if they had been elected? Let them break their silence and tell us, please. Let us recall that more than 26% of the Israeli voters voted for them. We all have a right to know where they stand on the treaty issue. cm
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