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Defiant and patriotic, Arab journalist Lucy Aharish accepts Israeli honor
Associated Press
Published: 22.04.15, 18:35
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1. Lucy Aharish is the ideal
Wade ,   NYC USA   (04.22.15)
She is the Palestinian Israeli that we wish all of them would be. She recognizes Israel as Jewish and celebrates Israel's independence. Any peace loving Zionist should love her. She's pretty too! I endorse her lighting the torch.
2. Why should she go anywhere? She's a citizen of Arab origin,
that's all! She knows very well she's not "enemy" as long as she's not subverting our existence. Too much ballyhoo....
3. I like her already
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (04.22.15)
Yair London shouldn't demean her. Alevai all Arab Israelis shared her vision....and just the haters head to Tuscany
4. This honor is supposed to be given to those who contributed
I totally agree with Yaron London. To see Lucy Aharish being granted the same honor as Danny Gold was sureal. Kindling a torch is an honor which is supposed to be given to Israelis who made an exceptional contribution to the state of Israel. I really don't see how Lucy Aharish fits this criteria. All she did was to find herself a nice job as a journalist. She is NOT an example of a true ZIONIST Israeli who has made a tremendous contribution to the state of Israel. The fact that Lucy Aharish got a nice job as a journalist contributed NOTHING to the state of Israel and its citizens.
5. Arabs discriminated?
roxanne ,   haifa   (04.22.15)
Have you seen the homes the arabs live in? PALATIAL. Jewish Israelis cannot afford to buy homes, but since arab israelis don't pay taxes, they can build gorgeous homes on gorgeous real estate. Don't listen to any whining from them.
6. she is an israeli-arab. not an arab. get it right!!!
ralph   (04.23.15)
7. her parents were killed by arab terrorists!
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (04.23.15)
I liked her statement "arabs should stop seeing themselves as victims and start being be productive like her"
8. Don't leave Lucy!!!
Robin ,   Scotland   (04.23.15)
Ok, but if you do - you'll see how much you miss Israel after awhile.
9. Indeed
She's not serious thinker. She can bridge the gaps of arab divide by voting for Likud or any party than their arabs coalition party if she thinks to be Israeli first and foremost that is going nowhere. Until then their intentions are no no.
10. Roxane @5
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (04.23.15)
in which part of the city do live? In Denia? I live in hadar and there's nothing palaCial about houses here
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