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'We are destined, not doomed, to live together'
Sara Miller
Published: 23.04.15, 00:11
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1. After the Peres Presidency and now Rivlin, change the name
Jewish Doctor ,   America is beautiful   (04.23.15)
to the office of the head MENCH. That is what we Jewish people call a Role model for our children.
2. Great
Not divided   (04.23.15)
That means the land will not divide into two. A city divided can't stand that was the saying. Not doomed meant we can't be divided. Thank goodness for that.
3. #1 Who is a Jewish role model for our children?
Sammy   (04.23.15)
Rivlin? Are you kidding? What's Jewish about him except for his mother? And for the Jewish country to have secular guys as presidents and prime ministers is a disgrace!
4. 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.23.15)
If you are so religious what are you doing on this news website? Rivlin is 100% Jewish & an excellent role model as President of Israel. Would you prefer Deri? the convicted felon, as President?
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