From Haredi family to female fighter
Yoav Zitun
Published: 23.04.15, 23:22
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1. a warrior princess
C   (04.23.15)
she serves the name by fighting the enemies and doing so with courage. she also observes the commandments. may she be rewarded in this world and in the world to come. may her parents recognize her sacrifice and her love.
2. I have a daughter
Gady ,   Mexico   (04.24.15)
I will tell her this story. A heart of a lion inside the chest of a queen.
3. a real loser
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (04.24.15)
To win a prize and totally break with a family is a loss. To bad she could not find a middle path. To win in one area and lose in another area is not what I call a real winner. The real winners, in my book, win in life and not in one aspect.
4. Yashir Koach Hodaya Levi!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.24.15)
A true Israelit!
5. Hodaya Levi
Lynn ,   Tivon, Israel   (04.24.15)
Hodaya, I'm a mom of 3 originally from Chicago. All my kids have served in the army. My son was in the 2nd Lebanon War. You and I come from completely different backgrounds. I really felt proud of you reading the path you chose to take. It's not easy to stand up and be different, and I'm much older than you. It's not easy to be without the love and support of your family, but it's possible. You will be fine! You are a special young woman!
6. 3 larry. I think her parents rejected her..;
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (04.24.15)
I also think she chose the middle path and was punished by her family for straying out of orthodoxy
7. #6 straying out of Ultra-Orthodoxy is not straying out of
Sage of the Age ,   Israel   (04.24.15)
8. Larry, LA
Robert Haymond ,   Israel   (04.24.15)
Sorry, Larry, you sometimes have to sacrifice in order to commit to your ideals. You haven't learned that, however; you must be either young, really immature or altogether self-serving.
9. I love this young lady
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (04.25.15)
she has the guts many men don't. G-d bless you Lady of Israel. It takes courage of your own convictions to become an adult and she has done just that. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
10. A daughter of exceedingly high...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (04.25.15)
...value/ A definite woman of valor. Her parents do not recognize the prize they have been given, with this child. I would be proud to have her for my daughter.
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