Israel's melting pot: One school, 23 nationalities
Raanan Ben-Tzur
Published: 24.04.15, 00:28
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1. Good work!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.24.15)
Not keeping the Olim separated is the way to go! In the past we have made some serious errors in segregating Olim and keeping them together in a single group. It was believed at that time that it would be a help to them. Since then we have learned better. My best wishes to all involved, bot the Olim and the Israelis helping them to become Israelis.
2. 23 Nations?
Tom ,   Steubenville, USA   (04.25.15)
I thought that all Israeli Jews were of one nationality: Jewish. Since when are Jews not a nationality? The story did not indicate the presence of any students of Palestinian nationality. How is that possible in a country where one in five citizens is Palestinian?
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