Report: Israel airstrike hits Syrian, Hezbollah targets in al-Qalamoun
Roi Kais
Published: 25.04.15, 09:24
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1. Good job
Bob   (04.25.15)
Hizbollah need grass mowing every few months.
2. Go IAF!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (04.25.15)
3. excellent
C   (04.25.15)
assad and hezbollah must be eliminated before eliminating the shia terror regime and its entire nuclear infrastructure. the idea that the world can live with a nuclear armed genocidal fanatic shia terror regime is totally absurd. obama can no longer extort and blackmail prime minister netanyahu. obama's threats will fall on deaf ears.
4. Israel is helping ISIS
Israel is helping IS ,   Haifa   (04.25.15)
5. "excellent"
Isaac Shladovsky ,   East Windsor, NJ   (04.25.15)
No matter what the subject there is always an ignorant hater who finds a way to vilify Obama. Open your mind lest it rusts on you.
6. Silence.
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.25.15)
Not a word of the above report on Al Jazeera online edition.
7. Obama
Eaglebeak ,   Isaac # 5   (04.25.15)
The ignorant people are the ones that voted for our Clown in Chief. A man with no experience or ability. When Reagan was president our country and our President were respected. After Clinton and now Obama we no longer have respect anywhere.
8. 5
C   (04.25.15)
since obama came to power, the entire middle east is in flames. he supports the muslim brotherhood and intends to sign a flim flam deal with the shia terror regime. said deal, by obama's own admition, will allow iran to develop and build nuclear weapons. obama did extort netanyahu. he forced him to release a hundred convicted mass murdering terrorists just to have a conversation with abbas. obama boycotted the knesset, the only visiting foreign leader to do so.
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