Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The young Arabs who have chosen to be part of Israel
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 27.04.15, 21:25
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1. She's not alone...but still a minority!
Koose E mack ,   NY US   (04.28.15)
2. Mrs.Lucy is a voice in the wilderness of Islamic hate!
3. This is not a trickle but a wave
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.28.15)
Over the years from the very first contacts with the Israeli Arab Community in the UK in the 60s you can see the huge change in mindset and the widening chasm between the Israeli Arab Political Have Beens and the new generation of Israeli Arabs confident, proud and comfortable in their Israeli Arab Identity. And more than that completely rejecting Zoabis isolationist agenda that ostracises and excludes the younger generation of Israeli Arabs from playing their full part in Israeli Society and the defence of their State - warts and all But we in the Diaspora can do more to support this change. Find ways to interact, welcome, socialise with visiting Israeli Arabs to Community Centres, Synagogues up and own the country Recently for example an Israeli Arab student called to ask if we thought he would be 'permitted' to visit the JW3 Centre in London Looks like a failing of the Israeli Embassy and Consulate Service as well as the wider UK Jewish Community that needs to be addressed
4. the only way ANYTHING will be achieved
oferdesade ,   israel   (04.28.15)
is if we somehow manage to totally and absolutely neutralize entities that begin their names with words like "the" (esp ministries, organizations and other places more interested in maintaining themselves than anything resembling what they SHOULD be doing)
5. It seems like the...
Israeli arabs that want to integrate go Israel and work together with jews; and leave the ( zoabi-tibi) victim mentality, become succesful like the israeli-arab-cristian doctor that recently won a price
6. not in a bad way: but there is something jingoistic in this
it seems to me to be saying "If all the Arabs were more like the Jews we'd all be happier" that makes me sad.
7. It seems to me...
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (04.29.15)
Yeah by working together we'd be living better, all would share succes and in peace... Another way of being the light upon the nations.
8. #7
Daavid ,   Florida   (05.18.15)
If being more like the Jews means wanting to get an education and get on with their lives; if it means not letting other Arab countries keeping Palestinians as refugees for 67 years and not allowing them to integrate in their countries, like Jewish refugees were allowed to do, successfully, in Israel, then I would say that you should be happy, not sad.
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