UN inquiry finds wrongdoings on both sides in Gaza summer war
Associated Press, Reuters
Published: 27.04.15, 20:08
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1. Ely . ..
Mike ,   RKDH   (04.27.15)
The loony left will tell you that everything is Israel's fault . . . everything, from ingrown toenails to a lunar eclipse. RKDH
2. Did UN report note Hamas Rocket fire instigated conflict
3. Un is fixated ONLY on Israel / Pali conflict !
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.27.15)
4. irrelevant
What is Hamas at all to be compared to IDF when Nepal earthquake struck? UN can't tell Hamas they were wrong that's why trouble will surround them left and right Arabs.
5. No apologies fro winning a war Dude...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (04.28.15)
The real contempt should be against Hamas who began and continued the war they initiated... KEEP WINNING ISRAEL !!
6. # 4 Question
has Hamas ever volunteered to help these or any other natural disaster victims? NO hell NO!
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