The new Jewish-Christian alliance
Yossi Shain
Published: 29.04.15, 23:58
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1. Clueless
dbnnet ,   n/a   (04.30.15)
Is this article is written by an Israeli resident? I believe the author is naive and has limited knowledge and understand of the mentality and politics with the upper echelons of the Catholic Church globally. All that has changed since Pius X is that the spin doctors now try and put a respectful face to the same old policies of the past. This leopard has never changed its spots.... only its rhetoric.
2. Nope, even if Satan was the "common enemy", the Catholic
ethos wouldn't let itself reconcile with our existence. For now it's only appearances, but the crux of the matter is, that the Christian world suffers from a major minority complex in relation to Judaism. BTW: I am a vigorous atheist .
3. christianity last chance is israel if it wants to survive.
ralph   (05.01.15)
4. From a Roman Catholic to Israel
Jerusalem   (05.01.15)
There's a love that the Jewish may not ever have considered from a Christian to Israel that can be likened to Solomon's Song. And, it comes in King Solomon's prayer dedicating the 1st Temple.
5. To N 1, dbnnet.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (05.01.15)
You are wrong, my dear. Filthy past times are over. Our church was renewed by II Vatican's Council. Judaism is our mother religion. We are brothers under Abraham's Alliance. We have to fight together against Islamic State and all kind of dictatorship and prejudice.
6. This article is about the Roman murder church
Yanni   (05.28.15)
Edomite pagans with a thin, VERY thin veneer of non-bible non-judaic fake Christianity to cover it. NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH CHRISTIANS.
7. Personally I prefer the Protestants.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.28.15)
The ones who originally left Europe as not to bow to either a King or a Pope. Rome ad theVatican doesn't represent most Americans of whom over 80% claim to be protestants. Rome and the Vatican are no friends to Israel never has been, never will be. BUILD LIKE YOUR SERIOUS.!!!
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