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Roger Waters accuses Robbie Williams of 'chilling indifference', urges Tel Aviv concert cancellation
Ami Friedman
Published: 29.04.15, 12:41
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1. Waters is a slimy, irrelevant old British racist
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.29.15)
Waters is irrelevant and has nothing of value to offer anyone. Racist boycotts are clearly illegal and Waters should be prosecuted.
2. rogers waters proof positive he is brain damaged.
ralph   (04.30.15)
3. Waters urges Tel Aviv concert cancellation
jon ,   uk   (04.29.15)
lets hope that Robbie will use the two famous English words and tell him to F..K OFF
4. Waters the NUTCASE NOT having his own way
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.29.15)
The arrogance of his intimidation and veiled threats to artists who don't conform to his anti Jewish Agenda (Remember this is the guy who released balloons at his Concert depicting Israel Flag with Pigs) is becoming a standard joke And the more he bullying he tries to apply the more artists resist Indeed round the US Music and Entertainment Industry his name is MUD. Nobody takes him seriously and see him as quite simply a certified NUTCASE
jill samuels ,   united kingdom   (04.29.15)
How Dare Roger Walters force other people to his believes. How dare he. If he feels so strongly why does he not go and put ona concert free of charge for the Palestinians who I am sure would love it or go and live in palestine but how dare this man dictate to other musicians what they should and shouldnt do and as for the boycott Ken Loach who is one of the UK leaders in the boycott screens his films in Israel gets money from Israel he may be a member of the boycott but does not put his money where is mouth is
6. I HATE Roger Waters !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.29.15)
7. Yesterdays men Rogers and some Waters
Funny name.
8. Waters is awesome, but Netanyahu much more so.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.30.15)
Waters' desperate 'need' to remain relevant has burrowed into his brain matter. He probably visits crop circles to meditate.
9. Waters
Roy Naturman ,   Atlanta USA   (05.05.15)
Great song writer and musician....otherwise another anti semitic idiot Brit.
10. Roger Waters is still an Anti-Semite!
Joe Fraser ,   Montreal Canada   (05.25.15)
This should be your headline for all future concert cancellations
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