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Netanyahu inches towards new government after reaching deal with Kahlon, ultra-Orthodox
Moran Azulay
Published: 29.04.15, 12:45
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1. Netanyahu will be PM
CJK   (04.29.15)
some of his concessions to certain parties might be a tad bitter to swallow, but netanyahu has no choice. given the international situation, the hostility of obama, the impending nuclear deal, and accumulation of terror forces against israel, netanyahu must be prime minister. netanyahu has managed to keep the country together and to beat back large external diplomatic forces against the jewish nation. he has shown himself to be a brilliant political strategist.
2. he won his fourth election as Israel Prime Minister
Peacemaker   (04.29.15)
True leaders do not change environments- they stay in to transform it with positive attitudes. Shalom
3. The forming of the government.
Jerusalem   (04.29.15)
PM Netanyahu has the task of forming the government. The Likud won the majority. He needs to be respected and is considerate of every party. His decisions should be followed. Ultimately, the majority of Knesset members should understand the reasoning for his actions including those said to be in "the opposition". Everyone should have the opportunity to live a holy life with law, order and expected penalties. Helping the needy, the widows, and the orphans isn't differentiated between race or religion. Women's rights are a major topic, even for the Arab parties. If in fact a lady will be availabe for the position of Justice minister, to have someone who agrees with the mother of Shelly Danon, God bless her soul, this would be very good. The fight is not over and we're looking to begin. The flexibility to change laws is going to be needed. There is a victim of a violent crime who is in jail for neutralizing their assailant. This doesn't make sense. Even the Law is going to have to be the vengeance of the Lord. The party representative heads should work with PM Netanyahu and not give him a hard time.
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