Ethiopian Jew says Immigration Authority inspectors assaulted him
Omri Ephraim
Published: 30.04.15, 12:33
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1. Dear Lord, please don't let this escalate like Baltimore or
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (04.30.15)
Ferguson. Lawlessness by police is the last thing Israel needs. Do no harm.
2. Faschistoid police and "inspectors"
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (04.30.15)
I am well aware of a incapable police and municipality clerks. I believe, that many policemen are natural born faschists, I learnt, that municipality clerks are NOT interested in problems citizens have.
3. My Polish father-in;-law also faced discrimination
Boruch   (04.30.15)
The would call the Polish Jews "sabonim"; soap, because of the myth that the Nazis made soap out of them. Eventually, it passed. G-d willing, this will too.
4. Nothing new under the sun
מהגר לא יהודי ,   חיפה   (04.30.15)
White men beating up black men and no one cares
5. There needs to be video - someone follow
Josh   (04.30.15)
In Israel there needs to be education instilled that stops the superiority complex BS that separates the people of the nation. I am sure they were not behaving. But even with an investigation and proof would anyone do anything? Someone needs to figure out how to rally the people to force equal law application. "One Law" and stop have allowance for those "above the law" regardless of the race BS.
6. His DNA should sticll be on the crowbar.
PJ   (04.30.15)
7. 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.01.15)
Sadly our police force needs overhauling from the top to the bottom. Our PM needs to wake up to the fact that this problem is going to boil over. Our Ethiopian Jewish Community is made up of very noble, honest, hard working citizens, who deserve much better.
8. ID
Miron ,   Israel   (05.01.15)
We are not racist at all. The Etiopian comunity has gorgoeus women and the men serve in the IDF When the Etiopian Beauty Queen in Israel was elected,we were stunned by her beuty. But in every country in the world you have to bear an ID with you,and do not be clever if the Immigration Police is asking an ID. Simply as that!
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