Ethiopian Israelis describe long history of discrimination
Omri Efraim, Roi Yanovsky
Published: 01.05.15, 18:22
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1. just the tip of the iceberg
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (05.01.15)
as a non Jewish living in Israel, I can testify on the ongoing racist treatment we get by the authorities (may it be police or governmental authorities). Lucky for me I'm neither an Arab nor an Ethiopian, still the fact that I'm not Jewish becomes really annoying while I face governmental bodies who clearly tell me I am not desired here nor welcome (in a very diplomatic way of course) and it doesn't seem to disturb a lot of Israelis but lately the eggshell is just starting to shutter and break down. The ongoing violence existing on the black community is just showing how something is rotten in the Israeli society G. Moscatelli
2. At least nobody shoots at them.
Sasha ,   Bilbao. basque   (05.01.15)
3. As sad as it seems
DOV ,   USA   (05.01.15)
I am not making excuses but racist behavior occurs on a global scale. I always thought that somehow Israel as a nation of immigrants and victims would evolve past racism and bigotry but sadly I'm mistaken. I am not saying that all are racist because I am not.
4. To Leon Ash..
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (05.02.15)
Thanks for your reply, Mr. Ash... What I have commented on, is the fact, that Israel is not capable to absorb all of those Ethiopians, who claim to be Jewish... Israel is the only tiny Jewish State in the whole world, where the Arab citizens enjoy democracy and equal all of the ME...
5. # 3 Dov historically, each new group of immigrants
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.02.15)
in America has faced prejudice and bigotry. It may be a fear of the first arrivals of losing their positions and that they feel threatened. Years ago, signs reading "Irish need not apply" were common, and, all new immigrants to America ( other than the first ones here ) have protested against everybody, regardless of their origin, religion and color. I believe it is a apart of the human condition. We adapt. Live goes on and frankly, protests come and go . The more successful sorts don't have time to protest, their too busy trying to make a living.
6. # 1 May I ask you two questions?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.02.15)
1- Why did you decide to live in Israel? 2- Why do you choose to stay? Just curious why a person who feels so much discrimination would want to stay where they don't feel welcomed or tolerated? Could you elaborate? Thank you.
7. # 4 Jennie you answered the question in your reply....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.02.15)
and your last sentence. Muslims, Christians, all religions are welcome in Israel IF they come in peace not so with all the surrounding nations abutting Israel. No wonder EVERYBODY wants to live in Israel it's a word called Freedom which is non existent in all Muslim nations. A light to other nations, tiny beautiful, chosen and promised Israel. KEEP BUILDING !!!
8. bla, bla, bla...
Adler J   (05.02.15)
- Ethiopia is a country. Ethiopian is a nationality. Ethiopia is not a race niether a religion. -Ethiopia doesnt recognize double citizenship or nationality. You can live in Ethiopia and call yourself ethiopian, but falashas jews that became israelis are Israelis. - Since when Israel laws allows citizens to denied their Israel nationality because of skin color? - Reply to Miss Ethiopia "Titi" - please read the Universal declaration of human rights adopted by the United Nations Members on 1948: "all states members have to promote universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for every individual "
9. #6
Non Jewish immigrant ,   haifa   (05.02.15)
1/ I decided to live here because I have married an Israeli citizen 2/I stay here because I made Israel my home and this is just the right reason. Israel is my home and I'm gonna fight tooth and nails for it to stay that way That way, anything I might find inconvenient and unfair to me I'll fight against it G. Moscatelli
10. 9 No people were more discriminated
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.03.15)
than Jews.However they reached high positions.Not the ones who fought ,but the ones who behaved in a civilised manner and contributed to their host country.
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