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Turkish film 'Mastermind' purports to reveal Jewish conspiracy
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Published: 02.05.15, 12:07
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1. Pure Satanism and Anti-Divinity rises in Tukey !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.02.15)
2. Isn't it amazing that some people in the world...
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (05.02.15)
have such a problem with a race that constitutes only 0.002% of the worlds population. It actually staggers the mind when put in this context.
3. Obama'll again urge Israel to apologize to Turkey-and Israel
ab   (05.02.15)
will obey again
4. Jews didn't murder Armenians
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.02.15)
Jews didn't over throw governments or call for any deaths, that's more a specialty of Gentiles who are accused of 'Crimes against Humanity' including the Turks who destroyed the Armenians and the Germans along with "Christian Europe" who murdered 6 million Jews. Erdogen is an anti semitic nut job. KEEP BUILDING !!!
5. Deeply saddened by the unravelling
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.02.15)
and utter bertrayal of the precious hard fought Attaturk legacy A modern State that was once the model of Modern Islam, sucessful, flourishing and confident now being led by a fanatical and manipulative self serving egomaniacal cabale back into the dark ages
6. Turkey 'Neutral' WW2
Zechariah   (05.02.15)
Turkey shut its borders to the Jews of Eastern Europe WW2 millions could have been saved .In fact in Turkey in WW 1 with the Armenian Genocide and in WW2 in full the malignant mutation of the Islam of the Saladin and the Sultan Beyazdid ll "the Just " who sent ships to take in Jews expelled from Spain .
7. Expel Turkey from NATO. Regrettably because Erdogan does..
Rafi ,   US   (05.02.15)
... not represent all Turks - most of whom are good people and have a long history of good relations with the Jews. But the snake Erdogan needs to be called on the poison he emits...
Mark ,   T.a.Israel   (05.02.15)
In June 2015 there are the general Elections ,and as he is afraid of losing he uses the JEWS as scapegoat to obtain more votes from a traditionally antisemitic and ignorant population !
9. Where is Turkish pride,to practice
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.02.15)
a religion coppied from the Jews ?.what a shame,And what is a member of the muslim brotherhood doing in NATO.NATO was created to defend western civilization,Turkey wants to destroy western civilization,turkey should be ousted from NATO and replaced with Russia,Russia is part of Europe,while Turkey is on midnight Express to Mecca, saudi wahabia..
10. file a complaint....
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (05.02.15)
Erdogan and his gang are known to have been or still to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood and The Grey Wolves. I have nothing to say more about it, the facts are there. In Europa they are laws against Anti-Semitism. Why not file a complaint with the competent law authorities against those wrongdoers. If they are coming to Europa the police can arrest and questioning them about it. Bet, that the European leftist parties will act as if their nose bleeds!
11. What a lovely person!
Fritz Baumann ,   Berlin   (05.02.15)
And german poiticians still say NOTHING!Turkey is always a good friend.Members of all big partys meet with AKP,MHP members and/or Grey Wolfs or Mili Görüs.If not then they meet HAMAS Members like DIE LINKE(ex SED party of Honeckers DDR)last week at a HAMAS fest. Everyday they speak out against "right wing" people but never if they are muslims or specially Erdogan. He can destroy a freedom Monument,he can say Armenians and Georgians are bad people,he can talk like Hitler but his still a good democratic man.Germany and Europe needs turkey they say.For what?A new holocuast?the 3rd World war?
12. erdogan is right . The Jews with their
Barney ,   usa   (05.03.15)
tiny population and small country are so bright , so smart, so intelligent that we control EVERYTHING. On the other hand, I guess the Islamic states are so freaking dumb and backwards that they must fear our intelligence. Their answer is not more education but the propogation of more ignorance. Thanks for guaranteeing our position at the top of the food chain. What should we do next? .50$ per gallon gas? You got it ! Done
13. Anti- Semitism
Tony Trenton ,   Israel   (05.03.15)
This is a prevalent Muslim tactic to coral all the Jews into one place with these fear tactics. Their purpose is clear. Muslims have boasted for years that their Holocaust will make the German one look like a picnic !!!
14. #11
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (05.03.15)
Fritz, out of curiosity, who in his right mind says Erdogan is a good democrat?
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