All Ethiopians want is to be treated like real Israelis
Danny Adeno Abebe
Published: 03.05.15, 13:55
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1. give them the haredi money
Avi L.   (05.03.15)
They contribute more than the haredim, they serve in the army, they work, they study useful things when they can. They should create their own party and bargain their own share!
2. Ethiopians
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.03.15)
Most Ethiopians are not Jewish! Having Jewish roots is NOT the same thing as being Jewish!
3. Real Israelis
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.03.15)
Real Israelis, what ever they are, came here years and years ago and struggled in a poverty level country, ate noodles and not meat, traveled in buses and not cars. Real Israelis worked hard, saved, struggled and made life a bit easier for themselves and for their children. Real Israelis did not get much help from the government because the government was too busy helping their friends (remember 'protectsia'?) So if the Ethiopians want to be treated as Real Israelis, there is no limit to where they can go if they buckle down and work hard and not expect a government hand out.
4. Ethiopian immigrants
Arye ,   Plymouth, MA, USA   (05.03.15)
I hear your plea. I don't know the reasons, the details that lead to your statements. Clarification would be in order. Please note that in every case of immigration anywhere, the initial attitude may have been acceptance or rejection or anything in between, but after that it is up to the immigrants themselves to swim upriver against all the obstacles and succeed! It might be oppressive and sad, but that is real life, everywhere and everywhen !
5. Incredible arrogance
David ,   Detroit usa   (05.03.15)
What remarkable arrogance. What overt racism. To suggest that Jews of Ethiopian ancestry are less jewish than others is to defy history. It is precisely this casual racism that provides an anchor for the racist behaviors of many.
6. Equal rights never means you fear or hate others
Jo   (05.03.15)
I am sorry but that first comment of AdamEshee sounds very racist against non Jewish Israelis .....called murderers and rapists. Might I add that most of the non Jewish Russians have documented Jewish ancestry not making them aliens. The non Jewish Ethiopians have status and history here too, and the illegal Africans,a sad history no one envies or can blame them for. All nothing to fear. Ethiopian Jews have the same rights as all Israelis but equal rights and equal burdens do not make a perfect utopia, immigrants from other groups have been there before them and had much more to struggle with. Discrimination exists in every single country by all colours and amongst Jew, discrimation is not only black and white problem. The fear mongering of the other only breeds discrimation. No one can change who they are.
7. What about police brutality in general?
Smadar ,   Israel   (05.03.15)
There are two issues at hand: First of all, yes, there is discrimination against Ethipian Jews in many places in Israel. But second, there are also too many instances of police brutality in Israel, and that is not only against Ethiopians but also against settlers, Hareidim, anyone taking part in any demonstration and sometimes just against random people. The protests now turn the whole issue into an "Ethiopian issue". But I think that leaves out half of the problem. There should be protests by all citizens against police violence, beacuse that's a problem in its own right that should concern everyone.
8. To Anna M Sedda
Daniel   (05.03.15)
You say you are "displease of illegal immigrants". What illegal immigrants are you talking about? These people are Israelis, and Jews, they are as legal as every other Israeli. Take your racism elsewhere, thanks!
9. Yes they want to be treated like equals
George ,   France   (05.04.15)
Ethiopians don't have the option of changing their family name only and live a lie as I had to. Their colour unfortunately gives away. I passed as European Jew, I lied about my background, I polished my French to sound like a Parisian, erased the memory of my family history, fabricated an identity to be accepted in society, in school, in university, in life. To be able to date whoever I wanted without discrimination. Poor girls thinking they were in the arms of a Parisian, sort of, but only from across the Mediterranean sea. This is what we were forced to do to survive and outsmart the ruling elite. Enough already: Let them live and treat them as equals
10. Blacks in a white society
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (05.04.15)
often seem to suffer from discrimination. The Ethiopians also face the problem they can easily be mistaken for an African refugee. Should it be written on their forehead that they have Israeli citizenship?
11. I swear, we will get this right
Vered, Israel   (05.04.15)
Dear Danny, Yes you deserve everything you wrote about. We will get it right. The average Israeli is mortified and ashamed of the treatment the Ethiopian-Israelis have been receiving. We hear you. As far as your comment about being "cute". Please also know that everyone here always talks about how good-looking the Ethiopian-Israelis are, not just little old ladies. And I don't mean "cute" in a dismissive way, but sexy, handsome, graceful, beautiful. Personally, I want to give you all the money the Haredim get - you deserve it. I know you've heard this too many times, but integration is so hard, but please don't give up on us. The majority of Israelis will never give up on you. We'll be here together forever!
12. Discrimination
Zvi ,   Toronto   (05.04.15)
The Problem is people like you who decide who is jewish who is not. Where did you find the authority to judge other people. The Eshkenazim are also descendent of Khuzarim Is it not that as well racsim and discrimination
13. #10....TIme for Schmekle Checks?
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.05.15)
14. To add something..
Atalay Bekele ,   Holon, Israel   (05.18.15)
The past protest of the youngsters should be accepted heartily ... we can do every thing for our country ,it is nonsense to list... all what is essential we can do... but our color is a messenger to be undermined ... By the way what is Israel's democracy? It is special democracy to separate one from the other. The main principle of democracy is : - To accept equality, To use rule of law and justice for every sort of people equally and to make develop self esteem, but here is the reverse. we are under huge burden lack of equality... our education, our experience , our talent not equal with them because canceled by our color!!!! Israel's technology is not only by devices and machines to live comfortable and safe in risk areas, but also by their especial democracy... GOD BLESS THE BLACKS!!!
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