Bayit Yehudi's ultimatum to Netanyahu: Shaked as justice minister
Moran Azulay
Published: 05.05.15, 20:09
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1. Coalition for Narrow Interests
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Hefer Israel   (05.05.15)
The narrow coalition is having severe labor pains. Excuse the pun! The 61 potential members are interested in cabinet seats for their own personal gain. There is no concern for the country at all. A big question mark if it will last. Elections are on the horizon sooner than we think.
2. everything stinks to high heavens, we do deserve better!
3. With Bennett, the government cannot last more than a day.
Mark my words   (05.05.15)
4. Leave greedy Bennett, Lapid and Lieberman out and
get Herzog and Livni into the coalition.
5. Absolutely or don't go into the
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.05.15)
coalition. Hang tough NB !
6. new elections is completely abdurd!!
Adler J   (05.05.15)
thats all what the Arab Joint List needs to reach a second position instead of a third place!!! what if Israeli -Ethiopians community changed their minds and vote for the arab political party? oh no, please dont complicate things. Netanyahu won, leave it like that!
7. all of the parties, left or right, are hugely egocentric
CJK   (05.05.15)
none of the parties are interested in safeguading the future of the country. they are all interested in self promotion and getting portfolios. lieberman and bennet are destroying the coalition when israel is under severe terror and diplomatic threats. netanyahu should just call new elections, and be done with it.
8. Bibi, get Herzog and Livni and drop Bennett immediately
He's much too greedy.
9. Israelis got what thy deserve.
מהגר לא יהודי ,   חיפה   (05.05.15)
You wanted Bibi? You got Bibi
10. Small Coalition, Great Expectations!
Bill ,   Skokie U.S.A.   (05.05.15)
When I say small, I mean the number of parties included. There is no need for a broad government but there is a great need for an effective government. Kulanu, Likud, Zionist Union, Yesh Atid maybe. (= 70+ seats) A coalition of this makeup Is all that's needed. Focus on good governess, good will, good relations, good GOD! That's all that's needed! Keep it simple and effective. Israel is facing some challenging days ahead, housing, equality, International relations, peace process. these are the priorities focus, focus, focus!!!
11. to no.4
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (05.06.15)
Livni, who seems to be functioning on steroids and who is a known as the Abbas chaser ?? Or Herzog, who lacks personality, charisma, initiative & vision ? That would be some coalition...May G-d keep Our Nation safe and strong and those 2 away from any leadership position....
12.  to no 9
Shayna ,   Israel/US   (05.06.15)
Yes, we did get what we deserve, Mahagar... And if Netanyahu is serving his 3rd.term as the Prime Minister of the Jewish State, he has surely earned his commission by the vote of the Nation.. And there is no one else for now to do a better job, then Benjamin Netanyahu...There never was another PM, who was elected to lead the Jewish State in three consecutive democratic elections... And yes, we are proud, that we got what we deserve... Do you ?
13. to no. 12
Ruth ,   Ramat Efal, Israel   (05.06.15)
Netanyahu is a brilliant party leader but a lousy PM who has now formed a joke of a new government. The Israeli people deserve better and it's very clear that his own party is already sharpening the knives!
14. Shaked will be a great Justice Minister!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.06.15)
MK Shaked is the type of proud, gutsy patriot who should fill every major role in the Israeli government. She is an incredibly huge improvement over loathsome Livni. I hope Shaked works with other MKs, who love Israel, to sharply limit the destructive power of the leftist High Court.
15. #8. Israel far better off without horrid Herzog and Livni!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.06.15)
#8. Israeli voters strongly, and wisely, rejected Herzog and Livni. Livni did nothing but stab Bibi, and Israel, in the back during her disastrous stint as Justice Minister. Israel's government will be far better without these two dumb, appeasing clowns.
16. enemies among us
David Fakheri ,   L A USA   (05.06.15)
Netanyahu, don't worry but at the same time watch out the enemies among us those who are interested in the religious parties to use them against the national interest of us when they have powerful voices in the Knesset who unknowingly serving the enemies interests by stupid demands from the governments as everybody knows including even some known leaders of the countries like ( Carter and ) who has been and still are after the instability of our Home land
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