For the sake of security, let Hamas rebuild Gaza
Giora Eiland
Published: 09.05.15, 00:06
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1. Hamas Tunnels a Lesson Jews
Zika   (05.09.15)
Hamas is fortunte the Jews look away re Tunnels but the Jews ought learn they have to build a massive underground Tunnel system in Dan Gush with underground cities by 2030 .
2. Egypt & PA have no interest in Hamas getting back either
Avi L.   (05.09.15)
Egypt & PA have no interest in Hamas getting back in strength either. Why in hell do we have to finance an entity whose goal is to kill us and destroy the state of Israel? An entity who is right now building more tunnels, building more rockets to kill more of us? There isn't any "strong international mechanism which will prevent the means from being misused", we've already seen it in Lebanon with Hezballah. The "strong international mechanism" turned a blind eye to the 100,000 rockets and missiles that Hezballah has stockpiled during the "international watch". Who in his or her right mind thinks that Hamas"really care for the suffering and frustration" of the Gazawis? Who if not some bleeding blind hearts stuffed with jihadi propaganda believes that "the suffering and frustration there lead to a renewed military conflict. "? What started the last war, and the ones before, were not the people but the mad dogs who took over Gaza and a good part of the middel east. Finally, "what's wrong in boosting Hamas political standing in Gaza"? Sorry? They are the threat and we want to boost their political (military) standing? PA is Egypt/Saudis lapdog, Hamas is competing with the likes of ISIS and Hezballah for islamic prime time. Hamas is the real threat to our security related interests.
3. Retake our lands we foolishly abandoned
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.09.15)
Israel was far more secure before we started the lunatic policy of giving our land to our mortal "Palestinian" foes. The answer is to permanently retake our lands we so foolishly abandoned.
4. There is no evidence that rebuilding Gaza will bring securit
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.09.15)
just the opposite Hamas will use the supplied materials to build a fortress from which it will attack Israel Eiland is wrong, big time
5. Nonsense
and if this was really written by someone high up in the defense establishment we are in big, big trouble.
6. To N 3, Chaim.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (05.10.15)
Chaim, that is impossible. Israel is a Democratic State since it was created in 1948. Your enemies are not. But exactly because of it, you have moral forces and a strong friendship around the world. Be always firm, but never forgetting good Zionist principles.
7. For the sake of humanity Israel better rebuild NNepal than
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.10.15)
the snakes nest that Gaza is and forever will be regardless on how much aid is given to them.
8. MORONS: Hamass is rebuilding from the in-ground up
Jewishness ,   America is beautiful   (05.10.15)
they are called terror tunnels. It's no secret, the world's foremost beggars and thieves are at it again. DIG BABY DIG, the criminals' TUNNELS ARE CALLING! It's something for the children of Hamass to do instead of summer camp.
9. Steve Benassi
Hertzel ,   Tveria/usa   (05.10.15)
Steve, thank you and welcome to the camp of pro Israel !
10. I like Giora Ireland and generally appreciate
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.10.15)
his analyses...but rebuilding Gaza is craziness! We have been destroying and rebuilding Gaza for nearly 50 years and it hasn't solved a thing. Secondly Hamas has no intention of allowing anyone to rebuild Gaza, they want the population humiliated, angry and dependant upon them. Gaza is a problem for Gazans...until they sort themselves out they shouldn't be getting anything. Israel isn't bailing out Lebanon or Syria to keep the border quiet and anyone suggesting that Israel should rebuild these countries would be rightly considered a lunatic. Stop the lunacy, break all ties to Gaza until they sign a full peace treaty(like that will ever happen!)
11. one mistake after another isn't enough?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.10.15)
Sharon really screwed us when he gave the Arabs their own land and government. What could be worse? What could be worse is us helping them build Gaza into a terrorist heaven!
12. Keep the status quo ...
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (05.11.15)
... with respect to Gaza and the West Bank. It justifies the continuation and enhancement of the Israeli culture - and, indeed, business - of 'security' above everything else. Enemies should be carefully nurtured and encouraged. What better way of doing that than reinforcing anger and resentment among them. Thank goodness Bibi continues to reign: the master of maintaining the status quo (and, of course his own political position).
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