Israel approves 900 homes in East Jerusalem neighborhood
Associated Press
Published: 08.05.15, 10:22
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1. This is total lies. The Green line is an armistice line
Someone   (05.08.15)
There is no legal basis for these claims read the Jordan-Israel Armistice agreement and Ramat Shlomo is a fully Jewish neighborhood which doesn't block any Arab neighborhoods. When Jews can't build but non-Jews can it is called Antisemitism.
2. When Jews can't build but others can its Antisemitism
Someone   (05.08.15)
3. The secretary-general is deeply concerned
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.08.15)
4. Why 'Arab' homes or 'Jewish' homes?
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.08.15)
Build the housing and let whoever wants to live in it, if they can afford it, move in. Just write into every sales or lease contract that if any member of a household is charged and convicted of a terrorist act or supporting terrorism, that family will be removed from the property and ownership will automatically revert to the builder. Any Jews or Arabs inclined to do something 'nationalistic' will know up front that their actions alone will determine if their family is thrown out on the street. It's only when Jews and Arabs can live together that peace will come.
5. US should mind its own business
C   (05.08.15)
israel does not tell americans where they can live or build. ramat shlomo is part of jerusalem and will never be relinquished.
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