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80% of secular Israelis prefer non-Orthodox wedding
Published: 10.05.15, 16:16
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1. The real issue with religious wedding ceremonies
American Sabrah   (05.10.15)
With all intense and purposes of Haredim bemoaning about assimilation among secular Jews, they are largely accountable for the "lack of respect and interest" towards Jewish tradition and values for their divisive and authoritarian attitude. Coming from a Haredi community, I sort of empathize with the hilonim who are struggling against the religious fanatical system that is put in place by the Haredim. Appointing Deri to monitor all Jewish activities and ceremonies will only drive people towards civil weddings and intermarriage - not encourage them to maintain Jewish tradition as they like to believe they are.
2. Many Orthodox don't want to marry thru Ultra-Ortho Rabbinate
Amer-Israeli Srugi ,   Israel   (05.10.15)
3. It's a basic service in any society past 17th Century!
4. Freedom from religion: let me be born/live/ buried as I want
5. #4 That's what U.S. is for Border is open Go live as u wish
Israeli-American Jew ,   Israel   (05.11.15)
6. What's Left?
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.11.15)
7. Phoney baloney survey
David ,   New york   (05.11.15)
hiddush is not exactly an unbiased organization. The large majority or Israeli Jews are either religious or traditional True seculars are a small minority (perhaps only 20 percent of Jews) So, shouldn't we care about what the majority of Israelis want?
8. Seperate state from Religion
Lior   (05.11.15)
9. The Ynet headline reveals the problem
Glenn ,   Galil, Israel   (05.11.15)
The headline says that 80% of Israelis prefer secular wedding. No. These people just do not have the freedom to choose their rabbi or whatever Jewish traditions they want to include, or exclude in their ceremony. How about this for a headline: "80% of Israeli Jews want to decide how to conduct their wedding ceremony?" This is an issue of freedom and civil rights. Religion should be removed from the equation and left to the personal choice of the Israeli People.
10. #5 I get it: you want me to live&die the way YOU want!
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