New Taglit-type trip to Israel offered to Christian college students
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Published: 12.05.15, 12:29
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1. Welcome but NOT as Missionaries
SecularWorldDangeros ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.12.15)
We should welcome these young people to strengthen their Judaic Christian heritage with a lot of stress on the Judaic acknowledgement which is sadly lacking in Christianity , being young they may come with "missionary zeal" this should be discouraged before they arrive. A world without faith and hope is a sad and dangerous world the secular world has no replacement for it as history has shown China Germany North Korea etc etc etc. Believers in a Supreme Being should be more tolerant of each other and realize their commonality rather than their differences .
2. free Israel trips
Free market Israel ,   USA   (05.12.15)
They MUST guarantee not to missionize. Birthright is a failure--if you give it away free it has no meaning--and this will be also.
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